R.E.I.G. – Disarm 7″ (Reig Commando, PA 17 565) 1982

Great hardcore punk from Macerta in Italia . REIG stands for “Rivendicatori Esili Industrie Giovanili”. Apart from this 7″, their only other vinyl appearance are 2 songs on the “Raptus 2″ comp. LP released on the infamous Meccano Rds. It’s a shame they didn’t released other record cause they sound very good here, just the good mix between early UK and US HC. Otherwise I don’t think the guys went into other bands, but if I’m wrong please share any infos about this great unknown band.

Violent Change

Well at the last moment i decided to add the Raptus tracks, as 2 songs is so little for such a band, so here there are, from 1985 (but probably recorded before) :
State Refuse
Fucking System

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6 thoughts on “REIG

  1. I’ve owned this 7″ for many years. I always thought of it as a bit boring, being a FANATIC of Italian h.c. and all the raging, outta control stuff that comes from there.

    Hearing it here again doesn’t really change my opinion, but it’s not as bad as I once thought.

    Also cool that you included the RAPTUS tracks………………………………………

    thanks for posting it!!!!!

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