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The Disturbed – This Is…Credibility 7″ (Real World Records,RWR 003) Scotland ’88

Great political hardcore punk from Glasgow, Scotland. I had difficulties to find this 7″ when it was released, but could finally get a copy.
There are 3 more tracks posthumously released on a split 7″ with 36 Crazy Fist, in the late 90’s on Anonymous Records.
Here some comment from the band themselves on the title:
‘ “This is Credibility” refers to people’s attitude towards vinyl or more specifically the bands who appear on vinyl. Why are bands accounted with more “Credibility” because they have been released on record? So we are taking this opportunity to put forward our ideas so maybe they’ll be taken more seriously on a record sleeve.’
The band preferred to release(studio duplicated) tapes with quality recordings of 4 bands, which are cheaper than 2 split LP’s.
Well, thay have a point there.
Oh yes, I filed this 7″ as ‘other’ instead of ‘British’, ‘cos it’s not always wise to call a ‘Scot’ a ‘Brit’.

Who Do You Think you Are Fucking Fooling
Dont Be Used
Diplomatic Insanity
Death Lust

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  1. Well… great cover art and song titles, but as with the previously posted Default EP, it seems to be lacking a certain something. Late 80’s was a great time for HC, but there were a lot of bands that just didn’t do it for me! Mrs Skin666 (being a Scot) would also like to add that she’s not got a problem being called British, it’s just us English they hate!!!

  2. This is some of my favorite later 80’s UKHC. It’s a shame you didn’t like it too much. Well actually, the first couple songs are just mediocre but I love the last 2 songs. This band reminds me a lot of Last Rites who were a street punk band that existed a few years before The Disturbed and were also from Scotland. To me, the singers from both bands sound very, very similar and their musical styles aren’t too different either. I remember that I immediately thought of Last Rites as soon as I heard The Disturbed for the first time, and that was before I was aware that they were both from the same country.

    However, I have some songs which I -believe- are from The Disturbed’s self-titled EP which came out in 1986 which is much better than this release. Although, I have only been able to find these songs online, and I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who owned this record so it makes “This Is Credibility” seem like an easy find! The tracks I have are All Must Suffer, Jesus Freaks, M.I.A., and a few others that I know are from compilations. These songs sound very similar to This Is Credibility, only better. For all I know, the self-titled EP may not exist anymore. But someone HAD to have the record to make them into mp3’s, so I don’t know. So yeah, I’m not too sure about the order of those songs (if anyone has a clue let me know) but I know the end of All Must Suffer leads into Jesus Freaks. The split you mentioned with 36 Crazy Fist is actually the first time I’ve ever heard of that.

    The hardest thing about obtaining the This Is Credibility… EP is finding it, since it is rather cheap to get nowadays. I finally found this and got it for a mere $3 (about 1½ pounds). It even has an awesome fold-out poster which looks like it would make an awesome graphic for a shirt.

    Well if I was wrong about anything or if anyone has any information about them that I haven’t just layed out, let me know.

  3. The tracks you mention are from the split 7″.
    Personally I think The Disturbed 7″ is way underrated. Liked it the first time I’ve heard it.
    I should listen to Last Rites again for the comparison. I consider Last Rites more of as an UK82 streetpunk band while The Disturbed was more linked to the anarcho scene.
    Anyway, the Last Rites LP and 1st 7″ is very hard to find these days. Strange that a label like Captain Oi never re-released Last Rites until today.

  4. listed The Disturbed as having a self-titled EP from 1986. They are also the only website I’ve seen that has claimed that. So my question is: If those tracks I mentioned in the last post are from the split with 36 Crazy Fist, then does anyone know what tracks are on their self-titled EP?

    The only answers I could think up must be:

    1. KFTH is wrong and they never had a self-titled EP, since I and no one I know has ever seen it.
    2. They used the same tracks from the self-titled for the split, which bands sometimes do; but I don’t think this would happen since they released This Is Credibility between those two.
    3. The self-titled EP must have songs that I and no one else I know have heard.

    Andddd that’s about it.

  5. No no, I meant this one posted here.
    Personally I think The Disturbed only released this 7″ as they were not keen on releasing records but preferred tapes.
    Just checked the KFTH page. Endangered Musik never released a 7″ of The Disturbed. This info is wrong.

  6. I knew they were wrong! Hahaha. Yeah they seemed like they preferred tapes over vinyl after what they had written inside the This Is Credibility sleeve. To my knowledge, their real discography is basically everything mentioned above. This Is Credibility, the 36 Crazy Fist split, and the 2 compilations they appeared on. If there’s anything they’ve recorded other than that I would love to hear it, but I don’t think there is.

  7. the disturbed only did one 7″ of their own, but they were also on another comp e.p caled fight back. The song on this was caled warfare. Harvey who sang for the disturbed also sang for last rites so this is why you find them so similar. There is lots of unreleased stuff recorded by the disturbed, another 2 full length studio demos. I played bass for the disturbed and we are thinking of(maybe) releasing all of this stuff on vynil. Let me know if you think anyone would be interested


  8. Billy’s right about the vinyl releases we did, however we recorded in total about 6 or 7 demo’s of about 30 ish songs, some songs overlaped e.g. we recorded some of the ‘This is Credibility’ songs twice. We (Harvey vocals, Johnny guitar and Billy bass) are all still in touch and are set to appear in Ian Glasper’s next book about 80’s punk, Johnny has passed all the master tapes to the studio with the intention of releasing a cd of all our stuff. Which will be available soon from our newly set up myspace page http://www.MYSPACE/THEDISTURBEDUK and who knows if we ever get back in touch with Drummer Jamie we could play a few nostalgic gigs

  9. I can’t get these files to extract. I get a syntax error with winzip. Tried repairing the archives too with no luck. Any suggestions? Loves the other 7″, so was all over this one, but to no avail…

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