The Razor Blades

The Razor Blades – Plastic Messiah EP DK Decay Records Denmark (DK8) ’84

A great HC/Punk record from Denmark. I don´t know much about the Razor Blades. The released a Tape with the name “Hateful Youth” with 14 sonx. After the band split up they stoped their own label from one day to another. I haven´t seen another another copy for many years and think it´s hard to find today.

Plastic Messiah
Another Utopia Dream
Human Wreck
Fascist Fantasy
Another Victim

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*covers from This is Punk Rock


2 thoughts on “The Razor Blades

  1. I really like this and thier half of the split EP. Has anyone got thier ’82 demo? If so how about posting it on which seems to have gone a bit quiet recently! Great post!

  2. Insane stuff from Denmark. Honest protest punk with real meaning. I’ve got the 1983 split EP “Hated Youth” with another Odense based band ‘Flere dode Pansere’. Certainly worth a listen.

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