The Razor Blades

The Razor Blades – Plastic Messiah EP DK Decay Records Denmark (DK8) ’84

A great HC/Punk record from Denmark. I don´t know much about the Razor Blades. The released a Tape with the name “Hateful Youth” with 14 sonx. After the band split up they stoped their own label from one day to another. I haven´t seen another another copy for many years and think it´s hard to find today.

Plastic Messiah
Another Utopia Dream
Human Wreck
Fascist Fantasy
Another Victim

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*covers from This is Punk Rock

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  1. skin666 Says:

    I really like this and thier half of the split EP. Has anyone got thier ’82 demo? If so how about posting it on which seems to have gone a bit quiet recently! Great post!

  2. DAVID44 Says:

    Insane stuff from Denmark. Honest protest punk with real meaning. I’ve got the 1983 split EP “Hated Youth” with another Odense based band ‘Flere dode Pansere’. Certainly worth a listen.

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