The Trend (USA)

The Trend – “Electric Chair/Band Aid” (7″) (Northside Records/USA 1980)

As an act of appreciation for this website, I am posting this classic unadulterated teen-pop-punk single. The (stronger) B-side was featured on V/A-“Killed by Death #10 ” (LP) and quite rightly so. Unfortunately, the original copies I have seen so far have been selling on eBay in excess of $600-$1200 depening on the condition. “Batman Live At Budokan” (LP) is also brilliant and, despite the misleading title, is a studio album; there is a reissue of the LP with 7″ tracks added as bonus on Hate records (Italy). A coprehensive biography is featured here.

Electric Chair
Band Aid

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3 thoughts on “The Trend (USA)

  1. this record is fucking magic. i think that i heard it on the rave-up records LP, and ive been looking for a copy ever since, and i dont seem to be finding. i havent looked on ebay, mind you…600-1200 seems steep, but i think there are very very few of this single left.

  2. I fucking love this record!! Teenage powerpop/punk at it’s absolute best. The “no, wait Mark. That’s on the other side.” is absolutely hilarious. AMAZING TRIVIA FACT TIME: Tom Kenny (Mr. Show, voice of SpongeBob Squarepants and countless other cartoon characters) and Bobcat Goldthwait were both original members of Trend. Neither are on this recording though.

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