Lärm – “Nothing is hard in this world if you dare to scale the heights” (Definite Choice Deafnoise-001) 1987

“Lärm” means “Noise” which is a pretty description of this Netherland bands sound…thirteen ultra-fast songs,all consequently beside any harmony…

Mouth Full of Teeth
Move to Russia
Ask More
A Political Dick
Whos One?
Animals Have Feelings Too
Bubbas Revenge
Violence Sucks
Lets Dance

Posted by: Seppo


7 thoughts on “Lärm

  1. this is my favorite band of all time. these guys definetly kick ass. anyone that comes on this site needs to get familiar with Larm’s full discography, especially their split LP.
    just to be more accurate, “Larm” doesnt mean just “noise” – i think its a much more descriptive word like thick and overwhelming, “noise pollution.”

  2. I love this ep..but not as much as some of the earlier stuff..this one sounds like later period Heresy to me..or Later period Heresy sounds like Larm..I still even have the postcard that it came with somewhere..what a strange thing to put in an ep eh??

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