EXPOSE – Complicated Mind 7″ EP (Expose Records-01) 1997-ish

More fuzzzzz! I don’t know anything about this band, but this 7″ is fucking amazing. I’m guessing it was released around 1997 since that’s when it was recorded. Self released on their own Expose Records, I’m sure not too many copies made it out of Japan. Anyway, this is total fuzzzz and distortion GAI/SWANKYS worship, similar to other 90’s bands of the same style like CHAOS CH, ORDER, SCREAMING NOISE, DUSTNOISE, etc etc. I don’t hear this one talked about as much as those bands though. Too bad, cause it fucking kills! If anyone has any more info on this band, please leave a comment!

Complicated Mind
Blue Accident

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  1. They put a couple cuts on a spiky punk comp LP/CD called “Follow No Leaders” put out by NAT. On the comp they are listed as EXPOSE 82… They have just two songs on it though. One is called “Pure punk anthem” I only remember the title because I didn’t like it, fuck me. The other song is in the style of this 7″ but the production is better (guitar ain’t so piercing though) yep, it rules!

    Oh yeah they also put a demo but fuck knows who has it.

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