False Liberty

False Liberty – Silence is Consent (One Step Ahead Records) 1986

Seattle Washington…not a bad single for the time era, very speedy and lots of core. They also released one demo tape ‘The Zoo is Free’ in 86 which was a burner. Used to penpal with the band back in the mid 80’s. They did tour the west coast with nirvana and apperently ate alot of top ramen, at the time i didnt know what both of these where.

Disciples of Stupidity
Robbing Yourself
Silence is Consent
Risk for Change
Not For Me
Sinking Fast/Lost Time

7 Responses to “False Liberty”

  1. adamski Says:

    Got this when my pal was moving and was flogging some of his records about 18 years ago. If I remember correctly I also got the first DIE KREUZEN LP, 2nd BGK LP, LARM/STANX LP & a good few others. Not listened to it for a long time, but at the time I thought it was great. I’m sure I heard a couple of tracks from it on John Peel’s show at the time. Didn’t one or two of these guys go on to BROTHERHOOD?

  2. haizman Says:

    Yes some of them went to Brotherhood. FL was always opening shows circa mid to later 80’s in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

    I never liked the drums… too much like Cryptic Slaughter instead of Poison Idea.

  3. erich megawimp Says:

    The demo was called “The zoo is free” and it was much better than this 7″. The vocals and the tin-can sound really turn me off on this.

  4. stunt Says:

    thanks for the edit mega

  5. bw Says:

    Can someone post the demo on Punktapes? I’ve been looking for that for awhile.

  6. fletcher70 Says:

    good release,not the best recording…does not do it any favours

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