False Liberty

False Liberty – Silence is Consent (One Step Ahead Records) 1986

Seattle Washington…not a bad single for the time era, very speedy and lots of core. They also released one demo tape ‘The Zoo is Free’ in 86 which was a burner. Used to penpal with the band back in the mid 80’s. They did tour the west coast with nirvana and apperently ate alot of top ramen, at the time i didnt know what both of these where.

Disciples of Stupidity
Robbing Yourself
Silence is Consent
Risk for Change
Not For Me
Sinking Fast/Lost Time


7 thoughts on “False Liberty

  1. Got this when my pal was moving and was flogging some of his records about 18 years ago. If I remember correctly I also got the first DIE KREUZEN LP, 2nd BGK LP, LARM/STANX LP & a good few others. Not listened to it for a long time, but at the time I thought it was great. I’m sure I heard a couple of tracks from it on John Peel’s show at the time. Didn’t one or two of these guys go on to BROTHERHOOD?

  2. Yes some of them went to Brotherhood. FL was always opening shows circa mid to later 80’s in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

    I never liked the drums… too much like Cryptic Slaughter instead of Poison Idea.

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