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DR. ZEKE – Udda Palsar ep (Schmajlers 109) 1979

Great 7″ by (another) killer Swedish band I know nothing about. I initially heard the b-side w/female vox and completely fell in love with it’s similarities to NIKKI CORVETTE and all the other fem. fronted punk bands of the late 70’s. I expected the same on the a-side when I got this record, but to my suprise it had male vox and was better than the flip side. Driving Swede punk with the right amount of rawness , some simple/ catchy keyboard hooks and almost sing-a-long vocals make this one tight 7″. HAIL SWEDEN !!!!!

dr zeke back

Jag ska aldrig do
Vild I skogen

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5 thoughts on “DR. ZEKE

  1. This is really a great record! Funny is that I’ve heard the male vocal first on the “Ny våg 78-82″ compilation and then when I got this 7″ I found out about the female vocal. If you like that you’ll love “USCH” they had 3 singles between 78~81. Such great swedish female vocal.

  2. I LUV “Jag ska aldrig dö” = I will NEVER Die !.
    Its an old anthem for us punx in Sweden… hehehe. The Band USCH! was a great combo of girls and sometimes boys too. Irre – the bassplayer is still kicking of with her band AOOUSCH! – featuring Matte & Bruppe (voc & drums – from Stockholms best band ever – Mob-77/Aoouh ! – that later became WARHEADS – and release an EP – that I rate at #1 all time of a swedish band, ever !.The guitarist of AOOUSCH! is no one other that Hasse from “the swedish Garagekings” – THE NOMADS ! – check em out on Youtube – NOW !!!. / J.P.*Sweden.

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