Happy Toons / Dead Fink

Happy Toons / Dead Fink – Rest in Pieces Split 7″ (Landmind Records) 1985

Fast, powerful and quite diverse hardcore, typical for the sound of the early US 80’s, here’s the Posthumous split release by two Illinois bands : “Rest in pieces” split 7″ from 1985 on LANDMIND RECORDS with HAPPY TOONS & DEAD FINK. I need more by both bands, demos or rehearsals, if you can help, please, get in touch


Nothing New
Home in a Grave
Empty Skulls

Todays Army
Metal Pressure
Middle Class Monotony

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6 thoughts on “Happy Toons / Dead Fink

  1. found this shit out about this record: 500 pressed, most came with lyric sheets…

    “By the time of this release Happy Toons had broken up and Dead Fink had changed their name to God (with the “G” backwards) and then broke up shortly after. Members of both bands went on to form Insane War Tomatoes, a band that was much like Gwar, except Gwar didn’t exist yet. Dead Fink had recorded more tracks after this single that unfortunately were never finished and are lost forever.”

    the label landmind also put out political justice? and blatant dissent eps…anybody have them to post? also the dude who put this out later joined a cult.

  2. Landmind Records was started by both Happy Toons and Dead Fink. Each member coughed up $20 for the initial cost of recording and the pressing of the Happy Toons/Dead Fink Split EP. The resulting profits from sales were used to produce Political Justice, Denied Remarks and Blatant Dissent – there were a few other bands but my mind is now mush. Dan Schneider continued doing the graphic work and Andy Young from Denied Remarks began to organize the recordings and pressings for the other bands. I just sent an early demo of Happy Toons to Mike at Spontaneous Combustion/ The Vault and I would think he has a copy of the God (Dead Fink) unfinished demo as well. Mike’s a good guy and I’m sure he’ll make you a copy – if not, let me know and I’ll send him a picture of the boil on my buttocks… As far as a cult, I’m not sure who joined.

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