Atavistic – Equilibrium (Loony Tunes) 1987

…Rumble-core from the UK…some columnist in some fanzine (“trust” or “zap”?) characterised the sound of this music as a truckload of rubble being poured out over a corrugated sheet roof…
(it was hard to find out where to set the track markers…)



Half Life
Means To An End
Perpetual Motion

Posted by: Seppo


6 thoughts on “Atavistic

  1. Local band for me,and very earnest chaps they were.I saw Atavistic clear rooms so many times,they were great,seriously the records don’t do them justice,the tape is the closest,but nothing like the sound of them in the flesh.Last i heard was Jermey was playing in a Jazz band-the others who knows?

  2. Great one, often forgotten, sadly, though they were making harsh music at the same time than Napalm Death, Heresy, Active Minds, or Satanic Malfunctions… THis is a killer one (despite the sound maybe) and so is their earlier EP, don’t know about the rest… Thanks for making this band known here.

  3. wow. i just found this site when reading an article from the village vioce and i am in love. i have been searching for a place like this for a very long while…and this band, equaly loved

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