Satanic Malfunctions


Satanic Malfunctions – I´ve just had about all I can take (Loony Tunes 1987)

Some serious antimilitaristic,vegetarian,antiauthoritarian ass-kicking stuff from Britain…released on the Active Minds´ Loony Tunes label…the sound of this rules -unfortunately I never had the privilege to watch them live…



Dealing Out Death
Movement For Change
Trying Aint No Crime
More Money Than Sense
Cost Of Freedom
Wheres Dinner
Appealing Carcasses
Family Man
Only Stupid People Glamuorise America
The Take Away Of Life
What Happened

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10 thoughts on “Satanic Malfunctions

  1. he’s drawn many covers – the three i can think of off the top of my head are the apocalyptic convulsions 10″ + 7″ comp, the pink turds in space / charred remains split 7″, and the bleeding rectum / mitb split 12″ – all of these covers are absolutely amazing

    he also did some art under the name “not so morbid mark” and drew happier pictures like on the hippycore – metal gives us a headache comp 7″

  2. Comment by yme 09.29.06 @ 7:27 pm
    disgrace to humanity and hellbound

    those lp’s have morbid mark too. its also funny that the sickiest artwork appears where also mitb(c.remains) is involved.

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