Misfits – 3 Hits From Hell

*A repost for Halloween…

Misfits – 3 Hits From Hell (Plan 9 Records PL1013) ’81

the red sleeve is the original pressing, 3000 pressed. the misfits seem to have grown even a bigger following these days, you see more and more kids that could very well call me dad wearing misfits tshirts, hats, etc…i started to like the misfits with the release of evilive in ’83. ive only been lucky enough to own a few misfits singles, and unfortunately these days id have to mortgage my house to aquire more off ebay.

white cover second press said to have only 400 pressed on white vinyl.

london dungeon
horror hotel
ghoul’s night out



And now it’s time for another (almost) forgotten treasure!

Nauta – Onko Suomi Vapaa Maa? 7″ (Majuri Records 01 AYS 1) 1979

This record is their only record ever. They have allthough songs in two compilations, one song in “3 vuotta myöhemmin” LP and two songs in “Asfalttidisco” LP, both released 1980.

Nauta were (on this record, slightly different line-up in Asfalttidisco -compilation):

Reijo Kuikka (voc, gtr)
Kai Hapuli (gtr)
Petri Alakoski (key)
Pekka Mäntylä (b)
Antti Ylöstalo (dr)

No sleeve scans yet.

Onko Suomi vapaa maa?
Ma Meen
Ala Ota Kesakissaa

250 copies were pressed back in 1979.

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Second installment of the Dangerhouse discography and we start to see the real diversity that made this label so fuggin’ cool………..

The WEIRDOS 7″ is seriously one of the best american punk records to EVER be released. Both songs are classics and should be part of every new/young punks lesson plan. The ALLEYCATS 7″ is solid and driving but also has that nervous energy that makes alot of early punk records great. A terribly underrated band as far as I’m concerned. The X 7″ is probably my least favorite Dangerhouse record (and that’s saying something). X was a fuckin’ great band and this record is an early document to their unique sound. Once this band hit their stride though, they were unstoppable. And last but not least, the second BLACK RANDY 7″. Thankfully, someone at Dangerhouse recognized the crazed genius that was Black Randy and put some his outburst to vinyl. It also helps that David Brown and Pat Garrett (dangerhouse’ founders / owners) were in his backing band, the METROSQUAD. Randy’s ode to black soul/funk music filtered through the brain of mental patient. Two original songs and two bastardized versions of the James Brown classic.

For a much more detailed account of Dangerhouse records, visit the ever great BREAKMYFACE.COM right over HERE.

Click HERE for part 1 of the series.

Part 2

weirdos sleeve
Weirdos-We got the neutron bomb (Dangerhouse records SP1063) 1978

We got the neutron bomb
Solitary confinement

alley cats sleeve
Alleycats-Nothing means nothing anymore (Dangerhouse records LOM22) 1978

Nothing means nothing anymore
Give me a little pain

x sleeve
X-Adult books (dangerhouse records D88) 1978

Adult books
We're desperate

black randy sleeve
Black Randy & the (elite) Metrosquad- Idi Amin (Dangerhouse records IDI722) 1978

Idi Amin
Say it loud-part 3
Say it loud-part 14
I wanna be a nark

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Antidote (UK)


Antidote – Destroy Fascism (Loony Tunes 1987?)

This record of Antidote from Leeds UK recorded in 1986 appears as an untypical Loony Tunes-recording at least to me…no snare drum thrash…no grindcore…
just politically motivated sound against fascist tendencies in Britain…and musically realized very well…


We Support
Education PtI
Education PtII
Shock Horror
Theres No Need
Rememberence Day
K-2 Indian Reastaurant
Irish Joke
We Support All Forms Of Resistance

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Outo was a manic Osaka thrash band and here I include their three EP releases plus their tracks from the Thrash Til Death compilation. Notice how on their first two 7″s they play with a sloppy and loose style much like 1985-era Confuse and the Innocents, but on their last 7″ and the Thrash Til Death tracks they follow a more precise thrashing sound in the fashion of Gauze and Systematic Death.

If you like these songs make sure you track down other Outo releases out they since they have an LP and a handful of compilation tracks. Big thanks to the Austriken page, KFTH, and this page for info and scans.


Many Question Poison Answer 7″ (AA) 1984


I Like Cola
Frog Song
Death of Victims
No Future

Half Wit Life 7″(Hold Up/Noise Room) 1984


Skate To Hell
Half Wit Life
Crazy Mom

No Way Out 7″ (Selfish) 1988


Fall Down
Never Win
No Way Out

And here are the Outo songs from the…
Thrash Til Death Compilation (Selfish) 1986


Risky Risky
Rise From the Dead

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Terveet Kädet

Terveet Kädet – Rock Laahausta Vastaan EP (IKBAL) 1980

You should know everything about this : the best hardcore-punk EP EVER released along with Terveet Kädet-“II”(7″EP) – if You want that one as well, just send a comment with request.
Transferred it from vinyl yestereday for a friend in the U.S.A. and thought I might share it if it hasn’t been posted already.

Minä haluan paljon rahaa
Joutukaa sielut
Vapaa pohjola

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Amebix – Winter ep (Spiderleg Records) 1983

Founded in the late seventies as “The Band With No Name” Amebix were far ahead of their time acomplishing the feat to integrate several aspects of heavy metal into their apocalyptic sound without ever apearing as a heavy metal group.
These two tracks bulid the “winter ep”…beware…the quality of these rips is very poor with a lot of scratches…unfortunately the previous owner of this 7 seemed not to care for his records…I´m very sorry about that…


Beginning Of The End

*Visit Amebix HERE.

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Asocial – Religion Sucks EP (Dissonance) 1986

Hardcore!!! Asocial released three EP´s (Det Bittra Slutet ´84, Religion Sucks ´86, House Of Gore ´92). This one is their second EP, released by Dissonance-Records from Germany in 1986. Ultra-brutal shoutings and guitars like a chainsaw – Yes!!! You can fid some other Asocial sonx on the compilations Really Fast Vol.2, Attack is now suicide, Hardcore for the masses and Eat my brain – go insane. Forget their third EP, that´s shit!!! I will post their first EP next time!

If you´re interested in trades get in touch with me. I have many double records from Sweden, Finland and the rest of the world. I´m interested in good, fair trades only! No ebay-punk sell out shit …

How Long
Svart System
Religion Sucks
In My Eyes

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anglican sleeve

anglican flap

V/A-Anglican Scrape Attic 7″ flexi (No label) 1985

Really solid, mid 80’s compilation put out by U.K. thrash maniac, Dig Pearson. Dig released another comp. flexi similar to this called “Putrid Evil” (feat. Stupids/Civil Dissident/Septic Death) before deciding his hobby of releasing records by bands he loved needed a name. He called his upstart label EARACHE records and the rest is thrash history.

This comp. features infamous California headbangers HIRAX. Metal and hardcore weren’t quite united yet, and at this point both of those scenes generally despised one another. Dig was a bit visionary in that way and put these two great types of music together on one 7″ phonosheet (flexi) a year or two before the whole shebang was called CROSSOVER. As metal and hardcore finally melded, the results were some (re: very few) GREAT bands and ALOT of complete shit.

The comp also featured excellent songs by (soon to be legendary) Japanese bands, the EXECUTE and LIP CREAM. U.K. fox hunt sabatuers CONCRETE SOX contribute an early, piss-raw version of the song “eminent scum”. Lastly, U.K. thrashers SACRILEGE turn in my favorite song on the comp. “Bloodrun” was from their 2nd or 3rd demo and has an amazingly thick recording. These guys (and girl) were one of the best bands from England, along with HERESYand RIPCORD, but later turned “fantasy metal “(dungeons and dragons type stuff) and sucked hard.

anglican inside sleeve

Hirax – Destruction and Terror
the Execute – Your Eyes
Lip Cream – Top Fight
Concrete Sox – Eminent Scum
Sacrilege – Blood Run

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