the Blitzz

Awesome band from Amsterdam. I know nothing about them, but i believe they were on the Sex Pistols “bandwagon” when bigger labels started showing interest in punk. They released two great singles on EMI.

The first one, “so free” was pretty easy to get. It took me quite a while before i had my hands on the 2nd single “go now”. They are also on an EMI compilation called “meet the new punk wave”, amongst bands like: 999, London, The Banned, Wire, Buzzcocks, Stranglers, Saints and more. I noticed it’s for sale

anyway, here’s both singles, enjoy!

the Blitzz – So free 7″ (EMI nl) 1978
so free

the Blitzz – Go now 7″ (EMI nl) 1978
go now
you got what you want

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5 thoughts on “the Blitzz

  1. Lenny wrote:

    Additional info for to you :
    The Blitzz acted in Paradiso in Amsterdam regularly. In that time the
    Netherlands music was not aware of a new punk scene and absolute not in
    As always, it started to late.
    But the Blitzz had internal problems : Richie v/d Broek (lead singer) refuses
    songs from Leen de Jong (guitar) and Wim Brogt (keybords) and in fact, that was
    the end.
    We (Wim and I) did some nice demo’s at my home, we grandly gift our part of
    the PA to Richie &Co .

    Only for correct history :
    Leen de jong

    *Thanks Lenny

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