Nog Watt

Nog Watt – Fear EP (Revenge) 1985

powerfull female hc from Amsterdam. More info can me found on ‘kill from the heart’
seems their drummer also played in No Pigs.

going on
wish that you could feel
big warning, big mistake
neighborhood watch

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stoer zonder studs


3 thoughts on “Nog Watt

  1. One of my favourite Dutch records of all time. Actually, make that one of my favourite European records of all time. Typical Dutch powerthrash with those great wailing guitars like AGENT ORANGE & (early) FUNERAL ORATION. Proved the fact that women can rock just as much as the guys. Cool fold-out sleeve, too. I think the vocalist ran Konkurrent Records.

  2. Does anyone else have the other recorded output of this band they could post? ? I’m looking for all of it. Tracks from “Fear” Ep and comp tracks from “Emma” 2xLP and “Beware of The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing” Lp. Any info on how to get these would be greatly appreciated

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