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“The Industrials are interested in technology, manipulation, machines, media, chance, logic, design. We wear clothes, eat food, drive cars, watch t.v., etc…” -from the red snerts lp insert


It’s high time that the (evil) GENIUS of DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS is exposed to more than just a handful of record collector/KBD nerds (like me). From West Lafayette , Indiana- The band initially consisted of Greg Horn on guitar and vocals, Chris Clark on bass and vocals, Tim North on drums, and Mr. Science(Brad Garton) on keyboards. These science-minded weirdos quietly released some of the best music the midwest had to offer, EVER!!

“Trapped in Indiana, 1979. It was boring. And worse, the music was excruciatingly boring, hideous, unacceptable. It made people angry and thus the Industrials started jamming as a way to punch through the oppressive Hoosier heat and have some fun”.

“After a pilgrimage to Bloomington to meet the Gizmos and be annointed by Record Boy Bob Richert of Gulcher Records things started happening. Soon there were wild gigs where people danced with an abandon rarely seen to this day. The police raided a Gizmos set at the 2147 Club on Talbot street and Tim North’s buddy Reefer Brown was cuffed and hauled away to the tune of “I Fought the Law.” Other bands popped up, the Zero Boys, Latex Novelties, Joint Chiefs aka Last Four Digits, the Skunts, and this was just the first generation of bands in a incestuous world where a new fleet was born nearly every nine months”.
-Band memeber, Chris Clark

Their first release was a split LP entitled “HOOSIER HYSTERIA” with fellow statesmen the GIZMOS. These songs were re-recorded versions of some of their earliest material (from the demo)

“It Ain’t Good Enough” was a roaring piece of pop-punk, fueled by a chugging rhythm guitar and an off-the-deep-end lead. It had one of those melodies that sound at once totally modern and like it’s been around longer than Chuck Berry. Greg Horn’s vocal was one long extended squawk. The line, “Hey over there, are you receiving me?” was effectively reduced to its vowel sounds. It was the only song on the tape that the Gizmos could conceivably have written and we sure wished we had”.
-Dale lawrence, GIZMOS

djind hh sleeve

Hoosier Hysteria LP (Technological Fun / Gulcher records 101) 1980

Whats the difference??
It aint good enough
Set yourself on fire
Dude in the direction field
Rocking farmers
Hold that coed

Their second release, the self titled 7″, features the song “can’t stand the midwest” to which most casual KBD/BLOODSTAINS listeners may know these guys from. That song, along with “let’s go steady”, an ode to the presumably ridiculous sorority girls that singer Chris Clark was employed by (he was a houseboy @ a Purdue univ. sorority) were cornerstones of DJI’s sound. The hidden gem of this record though, is the last song “indeterminism” . It’s a heavy, wave-ish dirge with some seriously melodious vocals and an upbeat, rocking ending that displayed the arena rock aspirations of guitarist Greg Horn.

djind s/t sleeve

S/T 7″ (Hardly Music HM-000002) 1980

Lets go steady
Cant stand the midwest

Their final released material was on the RED SNERTS compilation lp. The comp. featured a bunch of newer and already established Indiana bands such as the GIZMOS, DJI , ZERO BOYS and the DANCING CIGARETTES. By this time, Chris Clark had left, and was replaced by Jenny Sweeny on bass. Brad Garton had also left to group, and was replaced a fellow named Dave on keyboards. Brad Garton appeared as Mr. Science on the compilation, contributing a track called “Mr. Science.”

rs sleeve 2

Various – Red Snerts LP ( Gulcher records 102 ) 1981

Dow Jones and the Industrials – Ladies with appliances
Mr. Science – Mr. Science

rs insert2

“For two years, Dow Jones and the Industrials were an absolute phenomenon in West Lafayette. To the rest of us, stuck in Indianapolis and Bloomington, they were a great and timely rock and roll band. They definitely stood apart from their peers. A big part of their persona — the love/hate relationship they had with technology — was something you instantly recognized and understood, without ever being able to quite pin down. Like the Gizmos, the Zero Boys, the Panics and a few others, they made a huge noise, a great big Something out of the Nothing that there was to work with in Indiana in the late 1970s”.
-Dale Lawrence

After the demise of DJI, the members all went their seperate ways. Some of the band member continued in music and some didn’t. Sadly, drummer Tim North passed away in 2003 (info HERE). There were reunion gigs planned before Norths passing that ended up being a teary memorial/benefit gig by surviving DJI members and a reunited GIZMOS. There has also been talk for years of discography of all their stuff being released, but nothing has ever materialized. Until then, enjoy one of thee BEST bands from the midwest.

Check HERE for some amazing live footage.

Bonus Demo Material
Leave Me Alone
I Want a Pi Phi
Straight A Students

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djind live

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  1. A friend of mine had a cassette dub of Hoosier Hysteria. The only songs I could really remember were “What’s the Difference” and “USA,” but this is cool stuff. “Malfunction” actually sounds kinda like Chrome.

    I remember the Gizmo’s side wasn’t as good, but it had a somewhat funny song called “Progressive Rock Sucks.”

  2. …all the songs you posted here make a CD of more than 40 minutes…and that´s what´s rotating in my player for several days by now…BIG thanx…!!!!!I love that group…

  3. hey- just wanted everybody to know that there will be a Dow Jones and the Industrials CD re-release coming out spring 2007 with all the vinyl stuff plus 10 or so unreleased (and extremely insane) tracks remastered by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys with a huge booklet of photos and extra shit. Its cool that 7″ punk realizes the evil, but the official release will sound a fuck of alot better, plus all profits go to the Tim North fund. The entire live video that’s all over U tube now will be available as well from the original Betamax (!) master w/ additional stuff that’s not all squiggly and fucked up looking

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