The Partisans

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The Partisans – 17 Years of Hell (No Future Records Oi12) 1982

Any band that includes a head shot of Kojak on the front cover of their single gets top billing in my books, and as an added bonus a couple of great tunes.

Hailing from Bridge End in South Wales, THE PARTISANS were formed in the summer of 1979 by vocalist Rob”Spike”Harrington , drummer Mark”Shark”Harris, guitarist Andy Lealand and bassist Louise Wright, all four members only 14 years of age at the time! Initially learning to play covers of Punik classics of the day the band started to write their own material and sent a demo to Chris Berry who’d just started No Future Records and had immediate sucess with BLITZ’s “All out attack” EP. The demo convinced Berry to make the band his second signing and on September 28th 1981 he issued the double A sided “Police story/Killing machine”. (read more here)

17 Years of Hell
Power & The Greed
Bastards in Blue

4 Responses to “The Partisans”

  1. whoregasm Says:

    their best three songs, as if they asked me which songs to include

  2. Kevin Coed Says:

    The name of the town they hail from is Bridgend rather than Bridge End. I live near there.

  3. 7inchpunk Says:

    [...] The first single from the Partisans and the second release for No Future Records. One of the greats from this time period in british hardcore, posted their 2nd single a few weeks back check it out here. Who was James Kelly? [...]

  4. Colin Says:

    The link of the second song is not working.

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