The Angry Samoans

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The Angry Samoans – Queer Pills EP (Homophobic Records 02) 1981

For me one of thee greatest, snottiest punk recordings of the early 80’s, agree or not…who cares! The single was released under the assumed band name ‘The Queer Pills’ apparently to try and fool their ‘friend’ Rodney Bingenheimer, in hopes that he would play the record not knowing it was the Angry Samoans. My first copy of this single was the unstamped version, leaving me confused to the name of the band. I went through a few months of life thinking I was listening to the Queer Pills.

Stupid Jerk
Time To Fuck
The Todd Killings
They Saved Hitlers Cock


4 thoughts on “The Angry Samoans

  1. Everyone should download this. These versions are way better than the ones re-recorded for the Back From Samoa LP… and Time to Fuck is not found anywhere else, and is such a hilarious song… a true AS classic! Thanks!

  2. yeah ANGRY SAMOANS are god, natch, but better verisions than “Back From Samoa”?! i like how they replaced someone’s photo on the back with some goon with a nice pair; man i just love your cans, dummy! there’s actually a 2nd QUEER PILLS single, too…aww, skip it, it fuckin’ blows, as well as all SAMOANS stuff after “Back From Samoa”.

  3. I think these recordings are better then the Back from Samoa versions. A second Queer Pills single..? Never heard of it until now. Would have agree full hearted that anything after Back from Samoa isnt worth the effort.

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