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DOA – The Menace Lives (Sudden Death Records) 1982

Two killer tracks for you to chew on. The vinyl is almost as thin as a flexi so pardon the shitty sound.

Rent A Riot
No God No War

Posted by: stunt


8 thoughts on “DOA

  1. Great tunes from a great band. Where did this come from??? I have never heard it, nor seen it before. I do love records with a few crackles and pops, as I am not a collector. I just love the music. Thanks

  2. According to ”Smash The State” book this is a boot of studio recordings done in Los Angeles in 1982, released in 1990. It also says that although his photo’s not on the sleeve Dimwit played the bass and there are (apparently) two versions of the picture sleeve.

  3. Hmm, guess these tracks were cut just before Wimpy from Subhumans joined up and Dimwit switched from bass to drums. Regardless, these tracks would have had Dave Gregg on 2nd guitar, also uncredited. These tracks are undoubtedly from the War on 45 recording session, given the 82 date and the Thom Wilson production. Cool Post.

  4. i asked joe about this record cos i had it too, he said the engineer put it out without permission, and something about the recording(i dont remember what) made his voice too high. he didnt like the record anyways!

  5. So this is Biscuits on drums right? Is it possible that the recording has been sped up slightly? If not, Biscuits is insane …how could someone make drum-roles that fast? Fucking brilliant. Ya know Squirrel Bait also had a killer drummer, fuck Neil Pert.

  6. this is a great liitle 7″er. there are 2 sleeves for this, ive seen em both on ebay. the other has the band sitting on a small wall. dont suppose it matters which one you have anyway as its a great record anyway!

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