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bwaf sleeve

BORN WITHOUT A FACE-Worship ep (Self released) 1986

The 2nd 7″ by Grand Rapids, Michigan band BORN WITHOUT A FACE. I don’t really know much too history about the band except: they had two or three cassette only releases, two 7″s and an appearence on”there’s a method to our madness” compilation lp. Members names were also mysterious as no information was ever given on their records or inserts. Mark Dancey was a founding member and went on to fame as the guitarist in Barry Hennslers post NECROS, grunge/funk band-BIG CHIEF. He was also an excellent artist who founded (along with Hennsler and BORED YOUTH’s Rob Michaels) the magazine MOTORBOOTY and was responsible for at least one of , grunge rockers SOUNDGARDENs album covers.

The music is pretty dark and intense as these guys started to mine a post-hardcore, metallic sound. Their first 7″ (posted HERE) was a bit more upbeat and was just a glimpse of things to come from this record.
I got to see them live a handful of times and they were equally intense. This is a damn fine, but completely forgotten, piece of Michigan punk and BORN WITHOUT A FACE were a totally underrated band as far as I’m concerned.

And YES, heartbreak hotel is indeed the ELVIS song……………………Enjoy !!!!

Teeth machine
Heartbreak hotel

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9 thoughts on “BORN WITHOUT A FACE

  1. Wow! I picked this EP up in like ’86 or ’87 and it blew my mind back then. It still holds up strongly! I know that Born Without A Face was on a few of those B.C.T. cassette compilation tapes. I’ll have to dig them up. Thanks!

  2. Wow! I used to correspond with these guys in ’83 or so. Also, had two cassettes of theirs. I threw them away, a few years back since cassettes were kind of outdated. Oh well. I threw 50 or so demos away of bands like the Accused, Crucifux, NOTA, etc. Ah fuck it!

  3. I think we all threw out alot of good shit we shouldve saved, demos, gig flyers, tees, etc. Not only would it be great to listen to some of that old stuff, we couldve sold it on ebay for ridiculous prices, and paid off our mortgages.

  4. uhh… yeah, the record is suprisingly good. i’m a bit younger, but this is my 1st time hearing it. for some reason, it makes me think of amebix, sacrilege, detente, onslaught… or at least the essence of those bands mixing punk and metal.

  5. I also used to occasionally write back and forth with these guys. I had the tape, and the first 7″. Didn’t have this. Anyone have access to the tape or the first 7″? I’d love to get ‘em, I also always thought these guys deserved a bigger audience. Also, I thoughtthe tape I had was self-produced by them, and not a BCT tape. I used to correspond/talk on the phone a lot to Chris BCT; I’m relatively sure this was the case… also, anyone know how to get ahold of Chris? (T. Kepley, Lawrence, KS Outhouse promoter, 85-88)

  6. i bet i picked up one of the copies you yokels threw away. i found it in a trash can outside a record store in columbus. and since i’m an amazing pack rat i still got it. don’t know which one it is but whoever wants it should write me ridethechadwhip at

  7. OMFG i’ve been trying to find something on born without a face for years. been 18 years since i’ve heard these jams! THANK YOU for posting these. anyone know where can i buy or get high quality mp3s?

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