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BA sleeve

BORN AGAINST-s/t e.p. (Vermiform VMFM01) 1990

Sort of a companion piece to the recently posted LIFE’S BLOOD 7″, Born Against were another N.Y. band that changed the parameters of what a “hardcore” band could be (and NOT be).

Intelligent and uncomprimising in their views, these guys (and a few other bands) collectively called “bullshit” on most of what was happening in the world at that time. Tackling such heavy issues on this record as consumerism , blind patriotism, religious conviction and the exploitation of women, in a smart and personal way- they stood out from most other bands of the era.

At a time when hardcore was being comodified by major independent record labels (In-effect/Caroline etc.) especially in N.Y. and shows promoting these bands became bigger and more expensive to attend, born against spoke out the loudest. In an infamous “debate” on the WNYU “crucial chaos” radio show, Sam and Adam from born against and Charles from RORSHACH went head to head with the two meatheads (Pete and Lou) from SICK OF IT ALL and the guy who runs the In-effect label. Hilarity insues and nothing much gets solved, but it proved that born against stood behind their convictions and were willing to face people who threatened violence against them for their outspokeness. The lyrics to the song “born again” sum up the comodification issue quite nicely:

Born again as just another product
born again as the next big thing
once a vehicle for outrage now just packaged tastefully

The status quo whose very abuses generated our contempt
now courts us, now treats us like the serviles they know we’ve become.

I reject the leveraged buyout
I reject the corporate sellout
I reject their lame ass version of what the fuck this music is all about.

And make no mistake
all they want is your money
and all they need is your numb nod of approval
and all they demand is your silence

Born again, dead.

After a line-up change or three, they released several more GREAT records and toured a couple times before calling it quits in 1993. It’s hard to sum up a band of such importance in a few paragraphs. Besides the absolutely RAGING music, their views and personal insight brought a much needed, breath of fresh air to hardcore at a time when it was becoming a a sad parody of itself.

Most of these guys went on to other good bands such as MENS RECOVERY PROJECT, THE (YOUNG) PIONEERS and recently the WRANGLER BRUTES. Check out Sam Mcpheeters sites HERE and HERE.

ps: the born against sticker on the cover of this record is actually safety orange
colored but for some reason my scanner wouldn’t pick it up – nerd facts……

Half Mast
X-Mas Eve
Nine Years Later
Born Again
Witness To A Rape

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11 thoughts on “BORN AGAINST

  1. Yes that is Daryl Kahan, vocalist of Citizens Arrest on drums. It was a lot of fun recording this in Don Fury’s old basement studio on Spring St. I saw Adam a few months ago for the first time in nine years! Time flies. I’m proud to say that I played bass on that record, as well as Eulogy & Nine Patriotic Hymns. Glad I wasn’t part of the “famed” debate with SOIA but it was great being in BA.


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