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Client – Trap 8″ flexi (Radon Label) 1988

First of all, I would like to apologize for the pictures. I don’t have a scanner.
Client was a very unknown band from Japan. I know very little about this band, other than this 8″ red flexi from 1988, totally rips. This is their only release and the first (and only?) release on the Radon Label. Great hardcore punk, with a metallic sound to it.

Japanese Title
Japanese Title
Not Console

Posted by: Lasse


8 thoughts on “Client

  1. i have this flexi,too. totally unknown band. i didnt think too much about it when i got it years ago, but listened to it again recently & it kicked my ass!! TOTAL RIPPER!!!

  2. Was pretty excited to download this, but it’s pretty much just boring, non-descript churn– there are no SONGS here. Still glad to have heard it, so thanks to Lasse for the rip.

  3. ack! it annoys me when people think “japanese title” is an acceptable song name. ive ran into this problem too many times. if someone can show me a scan of the inside of this record i will tell you the track names. unfortunatly this is one flexi which i dont have.

  4. Cool post………….Thanks Lasse !!!

    This was unknown to me even though I’m sure I heard these guys on a compilation (but couldn’t find which one) I agree with neurotic text, it’s a bit dull but I’m still stoked to hear it.

    Dynamite Tommy- not everybody reads/speaks Japanese, hence “japanese title” on a song list. But if you’re offering your interpreter sevices, I’m sure alot of people that post records on this site might be interested…………………

    Deano- The Clay and some Execute have already been posted on this site, use the search feature to the left of the screen.

  5. I first heard this about a year or so ago, and I thought it was gonna be something great (especially after seeing it with a $130 price tag on the Circledelic website), but most of it is just average, if not a little below. Oh well, still a cool post!

  6. I didn’t really enjoy this record much compared to other Japanese stuff. Someone should make a compilation of unknown Japanese hc bands. KBD/JAP/HC record! If I owned a bunch I’d do it myself.

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