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v/a-brf vol1 sleeve

V/A BEST RUN FAST VOL. 1 flexi-(MCR company records) 1990

Two really solid early 90’s Japanese compilations here. These were the first two records in a series that included “best run fast” video and an compilation lp. Most of these bands, with the exception of D.o.n D.o.n., didn’t get much recogognition. It was probably due to the fact most of them didn’t release much more material than a solitary 7″/flexi or a couple comp tracks.

Slaver-Fried chicken
L.C. Pirates-Easy target
Final count-Wild and wooly
D.o.n.D.on.-Dirty swine
D.o.n.D.o.n.-Exterminate to the fashion

v/a brf vol2 sleeve

BEST RUN FAST VOL. 2 ep-(MCR company records) 1991

MCR records was famous for not only releasing records by smaller, unknown Japanese (and worldwide) bands, but also it’s “hard & loud” series of videos and all the city compilations (i.e.- Kyoto city h.c. /Sapporo city h.c. etc.). I believe that both these records, plus tracks from the” best run fast” compilation lp, were recently re-released on one handy cd.

MCR is still going strong to this day releasing consistently great records. Check out their website HERE.

Sicilian blood-Japanese title
Mess-Missing my axis
Idora-Helter skelter
D.o.n.D.o.n.-The end

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6 thoughts on “V/A-BEST RUN FAST

  1. Good stuff. I don’t believe any of it was ever reissued on CD though.

    Reminds me though; The “Louder Than God” tour flexi from 1990 on MCR was just reissued on CD in Japan, which bonus tracks from each band. Check it out if you can!

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