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Sha-London – Short Cut To The Hell 8″ flexi (Incest Records) 1983

Incest Records #1. Released in 1983 and produced by Baki (Execute). Euro (Execute) was guest drumming, while this flexi was recorded.
Very much inspired by early us hardcore punk. Of course. Definitely for fans of early Execute. This flexi is of course very unknown to many people, but do not let that fool you, because this blue piece of soft wax will blow you away. Atleast it blew me the fuck away!
This time without “Japanese Title”.


Posted by: Lasse

22 Responses to “Sha-London”

  1. deano Says:

    i never had or heard of this drawer jap h/c.any chance of comes 12″,freedom ep plus any early jap punk.the kids will love it.great stuff .keep it coming

  2. Lasse Says:

    I do have the comes 12 – no side. This site only accepts 7inch records i think. I was affraid my client and sha london wouldnt be accepted, but thank god they did.

  3. Dynamite Tommy Says:

    nice post. i happen to find this flexi on soulseek about 1 month ago. im really glad i did before i bid on the flexi on yahoo japan auctions. because while it is a decent flexi, it’s pretty generic. like a 3rd rate execute.
    if you want a live gig from sha london i have one mp3’d.

  4. RATOSECO Says:

    Thank you Lasse. Your mp3 sound better quality than the one that I got on Soulseek. :-)

  5. stunt Says:

    Lasse this is a great post and 7inchpunk will accept anything you want to throw at us.

  6. Dave Says:

    whatever happened to 12inchpunk stunt?

  7. International Wota » Blog Archive » [Media Site] More rare top-drawer J-punk Says:

    [...] Sha-London [...]

  8. deano Says:

    do you have geizz wildboys ep and ghoul jerusalem ep-i think it was called this.its been over 20 years cheers deano

  9. Dynamite Tommy Says:

    yup i got both of em on vinyl. Geizz’s 7″ is one of my favorite records. Ghoul’s Jerusalm 7″ is the first hardcore punk record i ever heard. totally nostalgic! Max made me do a “Tequila Stuntman” when i was drinking with him after the Gastunk gigs. haha. anyways i’ll see what i can do about getting those EPs up! emailed but still waiting on upload abilitys.

  10. stunt Says:

    Hey Tommy youre all fixed up as contributor now…Thanks for helping out.

  11. surlyoldpunk Says:

    Another cool post !!!

    I’ve come across this record twice in the last 10-12 years and I’ve passed on buying it both times.

    Keep up the great work Lasse……………..

  12. john y? Says:

    nice gear,thanx for sharing lasse.

  13. TomW Says:

    As a public service, I thought I’d provide tranliterations/translations of the song titles. I reserve the right to be wrong, since it’s been 15 years since I’ve taken Japanese and I don’t use it. But most of these should be fairly correct. I welcome corrections.

    1. Tranliteration: rezaa cheen
    Translation: Razor Chain or Leather Chain. It sounds like the singer is saying “leather chain,” so we’ll go with that.

    2. Transliteration: haku ai shugisha
    Translation: I’ll go with “Dr. Love”

    3. Transliteration: shonen A
    Translation: Boy A
    Comment: Yes, Shonen Knife means Boy Knife.

    5. Transliteration: shimpoteki chishikijin
    Translation: Progressive Intellectual (or possibly Advanced Intellectual)

    6. I forgot to finish this one. It’s Peace something, though.

    7. Transliteration: nouten fire
    Translation: something like “Scalp Fire”

    9. Transliteration: kuroi hanu
    Translation: Black Flower

    10. Transliteration: sekkusu oukoku
    Translation: Sex Kingdom

    11. Transliteration: jigoku he no chikadou (or kindou)
    Translation: something like “Prefecture Near Hell”



  14. TomW Says:

    This’ll learn me to look at the lyrics!

    The last song is translated as “Shortcut to Hell.”
    And in its transliterations, go with kandou not chikadou, which is not a word, apparently.

  15. Dynamite Tommy Says:

    TomW thanks for those. though i have a few corrections.
    hakuainochigisha means philanthropist.
    its Kuroi Hana, not hanu.
    shinpoteki means progressive.
    track 6 is heiwanakoukei which means peaceful scene.
    and the last track. you were close! it is actually jigoku he no chikamichi. it does indeed mean shortcut to hell.

  16. TomW Says:

    D.T., thanks for the corrections! Hanu was a typo. D’ohh!

  17. wedge Says:

    never heard this record before, but have always heard of it. was under the impression it was crappy ’77-style stuff. glad to see i was wrong!!

  18. Seek & Destroy 78 Says:

    Great flexi, same label which released the 1st Nurse flexi, a bomb too. Anyone ever heard the S.I.D. flexi 7″, it’s on Incest too, i’m afraid it’s not as good as those previously mentionned, but would like to get and idea about this frisbee.
    btw here is the (probably closest) translation i have :
    01. Razor & chain
    02. Hakuai shugisha
    03. Shounen A
    04. Destroyer
    05. Sinpoteki chishikijin
    06. Heiwa na koukei
    07. Nouten faira
    08. Anti-anti-anti
    09. Kuroi hana
    10. Sex oukoku
    11. Jikoku no chikamichi

  19. Seek & Destroy 78 Says:

    Great flexi, on same label as Nurse 1st flexi, a good one too. Anyone ever heard the SID flexi, it’s on Incest too, i’m afraid it can be as good as those mentionned previously… but you can never know and i’d like to get an idea about this frisbee.
    Also got the translation of the titles so maybe it can complete the one given by TomW and Dynamite Tommy.
    01. Razor & chain
    02. Hakuai shugisha
    03. Shounen A
    04. Destroyer
    05. Sinpoteki chishikijin
    06. Heiwa na koukei
    07. Nouten faira
    08. Anti-anti-anti
    09. Kuroi hana
    10. Sex oukoku
    11. Jikoku no chikamichi

  20. Fuck PRC Says:

    1 RAZOR CHAIN レザ-チェーン

    2 Haku Ai Shugisha 博愛主義者 Philanthropist

    3 Shounen A 少年A Boy A

    4 Destroyer

    5 Shinpoteki Chishikijin 進歩的知識人 Progressive Intellectual

    6 Heiwa na Koukei 平和な光景 Peace Spectacle

    7 Nouten FIRE 脳天ファイラ Scalp Fire

    8 Anti-Anti-Anti

    9 Kuroi Hana 黒い華 Black Flower

    10 SEX Ten-Goku セックス王国 Sex Heaven

    11 Jigoku he no Chikamichi 地獄への近道 Short Cut To The Hell [sic]

  21. Raulocore Says:

    Que se puede decir, exelentes materiales para coleccionistas, que muchas veces no tienen acceso a tal material, gracias por los aportes

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