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frigora sleeve

FRIGORA-s/t e.p. (Fuck Fashion Town records F.F.T.006) 1995

The BEST Mob 47 record to ever come from Japan !!!!!!!

Seriously, FRIGORA were around for a couple of years and contained ex-members of the band LIBERCAO. These guys took the mob 47/Swede worship to the extreme. Band members names and song titles were in Swedish and the list of songs below aren’t given proper “Swedish” justice as I couldn’t find the UMLAT (two dots above the letter) button on my keyboard- Ha !!

This 7″ and a split 7″ with Swedens DISKONTO were the only official releases while they were active (save for a couple comp. apperances). A compilation lp of their demos and misc stuff and a live lp called “dance of the plauge bearer” were released posthumously.

HAIL SWEDEN !!!!!………. er…..I mean Japan !!!!!!

Market av ett sar
Ingen nad
For vad…?
Fanig slakt

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12 thoughts on “FRIGORA

  1. Absolutely amazing band. Just a slight correction though: the “Dance Of The Plauge Bearer” LP is a studio LP, but there is a seperate live LP called “Live 95″.

  2. Thanks for the info chaosnonnmusica. I have never personally seen either the studio or live lp. I do have the split w/DISKONTO and have heard the first demo and both of those kill, so I imagine those lps in question aren’t too far from the greatness of the 7″s………..

  3. I’m pretty sure FRIGORA sang in the Esperanto language. I have no idea why they didn’t stick to Swedish like on the song titles. Newer Japanese bands VOCO PROTESTA and KONTRAUEKZISTO do a similar run down with their sounds by having lyrics in Esperanto and a dirty thrash sound. But god damn, FRIGORA’s shit holds up still as even noisier (GENITAL MASTICATOR gets props on this EP’s thanks list so go figure), faster, and tighter. Oh yeah, before going off to start LIBERCAO, FRIGORA’S drummer can be linked to a pre-PEACEFUL PROTEST band…PEACEFUL PROTEST being another old MOB 47/PROTES BENGT/DISCARD/CRUDITY loving band from the 90s.

  4. I’m pretty sure the Live ’95 LP comes from an official live tape. Also, it’s an authorized release like the Japanese bootleg LP put out by the drummer which has the 1st 7″, split with Diskonto material, and demo.

  5. regarding the ‘complete discography’ and ‘live ’95 lp’s :
    both were self released,on their label, hämndkänsla rekords.

    p.s. : the ‘complete disc.’lp also holds 3 unreleased tracks apart from the 1st 7″, split 7″ and demo.

  6. they also had a live set that was on a split tape with a band called NPH from Ecuador and then there’s the 15 song demo tape they did aswell. But, I thought Libercao was a band that came out of the ashes of this one oh well, i know Ferocious X did.

  7. Eh dust noise–d’ya know the name of the 3 unreleased tracks?? I know they’re not listed on the record at all but do you have a hunch if they HAVE been on comps or maybe are re-recorded/rehearsal/whatever versions of songs?

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