STAR CLUB – Hello New Punks

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STAR CLUB – Hello New Punks EP (Club The Star CSR 002) ’82

Recorded in January of 1982, this ep shows this group at their most insane status & is a testament for their classic style. fast, chaotic & still totally tuneful PUNK!! “hello new punks” is an anthem for any period of PUNK ROCK!!! beware!! there is a later issue of this 45 that is a re-recorded a-side which is backed with a somewhat limp cover of the Sex Pistols “Bodies” & includes a totally different sleeve.

Hello New Punks
Young Assassin

Posted by: wedge

*originally posted Wednesday July 12th 2006, 5:57 am

5 Responses to “STAR CLUB – Hello New Punks”

  1. wedge Says:

    cool!!! must be “japan archives week” !! definately filling some holes in my collection. GREAT!!
    once my scanner is working again, ill be posting more stuff. I PROMISE!!

  2. Donofthedead Says:

    Are there 2 Wedge’s?

  3. stunt Says:

    Nope..there is only one wedge as far as we’re concerned.

  4. surlyoldpunk Says:

    Great record, again!!!

    Funny, I just put hello new punks and headache on a star club mix tape for someone.

    Thanks again for the Painsville hospitality last weekend and the videos too………………

  5. christiatric Says:

    thanks for posting the info and tracks on star club, wedge! i came across this site trying to find info on star club and your post was a great resource.

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