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In a coma front

Coma – In a Coma (ADK) 1984

This record was put out in 1984 on the ADK record label. I do not know ANYTHING at all about this band. Coma definately has the typical ADK punk feel; they remind me a little bit of masturbation and aburadako. I think this was one of the last releases of the ADK label.

In a coma

Posted by: screaming noise


8 thoughts on “Coma

  1. another great jap release.i never heard of these guys.great stuff.anybody got cobra 1984 ep/freedom ep/laughin nose 7″/comes12″/transistors/skroteez/drongos for europe/the straps/charge/p threat/cult maniax/ultra violent/rabid 7/12″.all essential listening cheers dean

  2. good one, sounds like disprove slowed down. got skroteez newtown, who’s law & livi punkz from overspill ep and 17 rabid tracks. anybody have the subversion 83 demo for upload, please?

  3. Yep, this is ADK #25. It’s the very last record the label released before fading into obscurity.

    The label had many other releases by legendary bands such as ABURADAKO, KIKEIJI, G-ZET, GAUZE and MASTURBATION.

    I was gonna try to do a label retrospective and post all of the releases but , there are a few I’m missing (#04 Nubile 7″ flexi, #15 Reaction 7″ flexi and #20 the Real4 7″)and it would have been quite an undertaking anyway. Some of the ADK records were already posted on this site anyhow, use the search feature and check out aburdako,kikeiji,dead cops and possibly baws.

  4. It would be really neat to hear more from this label. Aside from the records on this site, all i’ve heard from it is masturbation, g-zet and sodom. I would like to eventually post the masturbation 7″s, but I can’t tell what tracks are from where on the discography cd I have. I’m trying to post the 3rd kikeiji 7″, but the 3rd song is too long to post…

  5. This was posted on Strange Reaction a long time ago and got quite a lot of responses there if anyone remembers. Anyhow, to regurgitate a bit of info the Coma drummer is Kikeiji’s original drummer Poo-yan and the guitarist is from Phaidea (sp?) which is like a goth/punk/metal band or something. I have this record and really love it, largely because Tam’s producing & mixing work is so evident I guess, apart from the tracks themselves.

    screaming noise: I have the Resurrection flexi here, I can take a picture of the track names if you want. Across the world with no hardware yet I am in no position to post anything myself.

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