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NIGHTMARE/CONCRETE SOX-Split e.p. (MCR 049) 1993

Released to coincide with a CONCRETE SOX Japanese tour, what matters most about this record is the absolutely raging NIGHTMARE tracks. Anyone that’s been around this site for any length of time knows my affinity for rampaging J-core, and NIGHTMARE are at the top of the love-fest. Existing a bit later than most of the “classic” Japanese band, these guys had the perfect mix early J-core, speed, and a touch of ….ahem -“metal”. They released a great 7″ (posted HERE), some tracks on the “Eye of the Thrash Guerilla” compilation and an lp before this record, and had a couple 7″ after. Original drummer Osamoon died in the early 90’s and they took a break for awhile. They started up again in late 90’s and have been going strong ever since, with a new 7″ released in 2006 that’s pretty damn good.

Ummmm…… the CONCRETE SOX side of the record is alright, at best. These guys were pretty boring in their later years and nothing really compares to the outta control, early recordings with John March (future HERESY singer) playing drums. Not the worst stuff I’ve heard from them, but this is a 1-sided record as far as I’m concerned. Check out the” Your turn next” lp or the track from “anglican scrape attic” compilation to hear the primo C.Sox material.

Concrete Sox – City slave
Concrete Sox – Extremely hardcore

Nightmare – Annihilation
Nightmare – Find your way
Nightmare – Tragedy

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11 thoughts on “NIGHTMARE / CONCRETE SOX

  1. Awesome post. I’ve seen Nightmare a bunch of times, first in Japan then on their infamous “Vancouver tour”, and they’re still absurdly raging live. Anyways, they were on the “Eye of the thrash guerilla” LP, not “Thrash til death”, although I’m sure you know that.

  2. Something with “thrash” in the title, I have em’ both…………………………………

    Duh !!! too much late night posting…….Fixed!!

    Thanks for the heads up, Neurotic text

  3. Deano, I have the g-zet discography, the comes 1st lp tracks, and a good amount of stuff by laughin’ nose. I can upload what i have and email it to you if you want. (i would post them here, but a good amount of it is not 7″ material)

  4. lol “this is a 1-sided record as far as I’m concerned”,I have never even played Concrete Sox side.Btw Shin from Framtid now plays drums for Nightmare.

  5. hey Surley- i agree that this should’ve been a 1-sided record!! no slag to ConSox, though. the “Your Turn Next” LP is pretty solid noisey-as-fukk metalcore, while their track on “digging in water” comp LP STILL sends shivers down my spine…damn this band had their moments, but this side of this ep sure isnt one of em

    as for Nightmare, this 1/2 ep BLAZES like no other stuff they did; also from the same sessions as this stuff are the tracks on the Bloodsucker omnibus LP/CD “Starving Dog Eats Master” and they kick even more ass as these tracks do…damn fine selection, Mr Surley!!!

    hey Deano- i have a pretty comprehensive collection of all Japanese punk & HC from 1977-2000, problem is that i got my PC up & working again a couple months ago, but i lost all my scanner software. maybee ill do what Lasse did & just post CLEAN pics of the record(s) im posting, but be warned~my camera isnt all that high-end, so the graphics may be sub-par, to say the least. sure, its the music that counts, but i really dont want to post half-assed graphics & drag the top-notch quality of this sight down; not to mention alot of my records have graphics/sleevesthat i havent seen elsewhere(i sure aint no “edition” geek, i just happened to end up with such things over the years)and id like them to be shared in the best quality possible.

    …dont worry, ill deliver the goods!!

  6. thanx wedge,still lookin for drongos for europe/mayhem/the straps/charge/potential threat/rabid/transistors/cult maniax from uk plus stuff from social unrest/the effigies/g-whizz/sub society/from usa plus freedom /geizz/cobra 1984ep aggressive dogs plus loads more i cant think of at the mo,if you could e mail some stuff that would be great too but im pretty poor with pc ok thanx deano

  7. Yeah Nightmare! I met these guys when I accompanied Proudflesh (ex-Crucifix) on a Japanese mini-tour in March 2007. They’re great guys. If you are ever in Osaka, look for Shin (drummer of Nightmare) at his record shop “Punk and Destroy”

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