The 4th International

The 4th International – Nichijou Sei No Hakai Wa Wareware No Gensou 8″ flexi (Naptnr Records) 1983

Put out in 1983 by their own label. I believe this flexi is called “Nichijou Sei No Hakai Wa Wareware No Gensou”, but I could be wrong, so please correct me, if thats the case. Extremely sloppy hardcore punk with a strong RED message. Pretty rare to see a japanese band play this type of music. Sorry about the missing tracknames. I even tried to google them, but without any luck, so please help me out, so I can change it.

Japanese Title
Japanese Title
Money Shock
Japanese Title
Japanese Title
A Type
B Type
C Type
What Is Right?

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  1. hi Lasse,
    thx so much for ya post,’cos i’ve never heard this band so far.
    as for the missing jp titled tracknames,here’s what i could decipher from the sleeve pic(listed in sequence);
    zunouroudousya(i.e.;brain worker)
    shikouteishi(i.e.;stopping thought)
    tairyouseisan I(i.e.;mass production)
    tairyouseisan II

  2. If the song titles are written in Kanji, I might be able to make something out of them, since I study Chinese. Does anybody have a bigger scan of the back?

    Love the Russian on the back. Sure is rare to hear punk music this red from that time period.

    Oh, anybody who moans about the music from this site should go fuck off. Coming here and listening to Japanese hardcore that is nearly impossible to find otherwise kicks ass.

  3. I’m just wishing people would contribute a wider variety of stuff. I’ve loved this site for a long time now and have found several great bands I never would have discovered elsewhere. Lately it’s been flooded with Japanese hardcore stuff and not much of anything else.

    I have ripped and uploaded a couple of records, and I’ve attempted to upload a few more, but for some reason they wouldn’t take (maybe the files are too big, I dunno).

  4. Oke. Well it’s up to people what they upload right? I only collect japanese hardcore punk and therefor I will only upload japanese hardcore punk. But if it pisses people off, that the site floods with japanese hardcore punk I will stop uploading.

  5. I’m not too crazy about the 90’s and Millinieum HC bands from Japan but I always appreciate when the 80’s stuff is posted. This blog was originally based on posting stuff from the 70s and 80s. Some of the 90s HC is OK if they do a good job capturing the 82-84 sound.

  6. BTW, this is a cool fucking EP! Very obscure band and I haven’t even found them listed on any of the KBD related sites. Thank you for posting this!


  8. Hello, Deano
    There are is a great Effigies CD available from Touch & Go Records. Likewise New Red Archives has released all of the Social Unrest stuff on 2 CDs. I think that downloading is great for rare, out of print stuff, but if you can still purchase it, you should do so to support the bands and the labesl.

    Bob Suren
    Sound Idea Distribution
    PO Box 3204
    Brandon, FL
    33509-3204 USA
    PH (813) 653-2550 FX (813) 653-2658

  9. while im greatful for the music on this site (no matter if it’s weight is on japanese punk & hardcore), it sucks to see the word “faggot” being used. i don’t know the beef w/ kbdrecords – and there may be some whack shit going on, but i don’t think it’s cool to use oppressive, homophobic slurs.

  10. Peter and Erich have both accused Nite Owl of being a bootlegger and selling rips downloaded from this site and others like it on eBay. Thats the long and the sort of it.

  11. scovrge…just got back from my vacation and I fully agree that the term ‘faggot’ doesnt belong here and I or anyone else the works on this site has no beef with any other site(s).

  12. Great post Lasse, keep the super obscure stuff coming. Another record I’ve passed on a few times over the years…………..Great to finally hear it.

    Gamma693- hang in there, theres lots of non-jap stuff coming up soon. Don’t forget how many fans of j-core there are out there. Most people might not get a chance to hear some of these rarities/obscurities if it wasn’t for the kindness of people like Lasse & screaming noise.

  13. NiteOwl, Com’on get real bro. Sure thats a great single and it is posted here on this site. But for you to call someone that we dont know and really dont care know a ‘faggot’ on this public site I personally dont care to hear it.

  14. Kanji song titles as interpreted by a student studying Chinese:
    Side A
    Track 1) 終末 — Both characters mean “end”
    Track 4) 頭腦劣勸者 — Poor-advice-giving intellectual (I think… not sure on the third and fourth characters, and sorry for the shitty English)
    Side A’
    Track 1) 思考停止 Cease thinking
    Track 2/3) 大量生產 I/II Great quantity of production I / II

    Not sure if these would be different in Japanese or not, since I don’t speak any Japanese at all. Oh, I used the 現代漢語詞典 as a reference, just to make sure.

    Sorry this was posted so late, by the way.

  15. Gamma is a fucking tool. Free excellent music shouldn’t be discouraged if it’s not EXACTLY what you want. What a brat.

    Thanks for the post Lasse.

  16. The label is not “Naptnr” this is “partiya” in cyrillic (Russian) script.
    The band might be “the 4Th international party.” judging by the cover.
    THis EP is on Tunes For Fucker Vol 3 LP as well.
    …and it’s an 8″…suppose “seven inch punk and the odd 8″ is not such a snappy site name….
    I think some of the japanese stuff is over rated but at least you can hear it now! Reading comments on here I can see a split, old punks from when information on this was sparse and fragmentary and required a lot of effort..pre email, pre mass-internet use..writing real letters to people… and the download generation.
    In the 90’s I used to look for Japanese guys buying punk stuff at the record fair and then try to talk to them, see if they were into trading. Got some trades that way too.
    And finallly, as for insane UK noise (which inspired the Japanese) why no props for the Insane 1st EP (Riot City 3) that is proto Jap core sounding record. One track is on Punk and Disorderly, along with another proto jap sound, Abrasive Wheels – Army Song(the 7″ of this is not as tinny, the LP take has that Confuse top end squeal)
    The other two Insane records are fairly normal.

    If I can work out how to post I’ll post these…

  17. I love it. I also have been a collector of hc and punk for a few decades and would like to start sharing some cool obscurities with like minded people. Am not very savvy with all this shit yet…..maybe someone wants to help guide me…..

  18. This sounds kinda cool, I’m gonna check it out.

    Just for those who didn’t know:
    The Fourth International is a international Trotskyist organisation and the Russian on the cover reads Partiya, which means “The Party”.

    Greetings from Norway!

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