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7inchpunk sucks now. you guys lag so hard on all the good stuff. i dont wanna
here some randome 70s punk band from some randome country. wheres all the old
american hc shit that you havent already posted. damn nigga.


Disorder – Distortion to Deafness

distortion to deafness front

Disorder – Distortion to Deafness (Disorder Records Order 2) 1981

Distortion to Deafness is the second release by this well known punk band. In this ep they started to add in their trade mark “AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHs” and added more drum rolls into the mix. You can definitely hear how much Disorder, particularly this release, influenced crasher crust bands like confuse.

More than Fights
Daily Life
You’ve got to be someone

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There’s never been a shortage of great music to come outta Japan. From the late 70’s, right up to today, the concentration of absolutely essential records is mindblowing………. ZONE were no exception.

Formed in 1992, these guy paid homage to pioneering Japanese bands that came before them such as DEASTH SIDE and NIGHTMARE, playing absolutely bulldozing J-core. ZONES first apperance was on the “fight back” vol. 1 world h.c. compilation in 1993. Next up was the above, “win back to sanity” ep in 1994 followed by a few more comp apperances on the “six weeks omnibus” 8″, the “no fate ” vol.2 cd and the “trancendecy” 3×7″ between 1994 and 1996. The “first blow is half the battle 7″ was then released in 1997 and then it seemed the band fell off the face of the earth. Nothing was heard from them again until 2001 when they showed up on yet another comp called “one shot- one kill” In 2003 they finally released their long awaited first lp titled “squeezed state”.

These two 7″ , along with all the comp tracks, kill !!!! The lp ( which was also released in the u.s. in 2004) finds the band slowing down a bit and mining their UK 82 roots a little more, but is definately worth checking out. I’ve heard talk of there being a discography cd of all the 7″ and comp material released someday, but who knows???

zone win sleeve
ZONE-Win back to sanity e.p. (HGFact 025) 1994

Find out
Short hope
Win back to sanity

zone first sleeve
ZONE-The first blow is half the battle e.p. (HGFact 068) 1996

Title in Japanese
Under steam

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Mau Mau – Xangai / Vietsoul 7” (Rotação, 1982, PT)

Mau-Mau was the first band of Punk rock in Portugal, after called Aqui D’el Rock (wich realeased 2 7” and was the only punk band releasing something in the 70’s) and then with a changed formation and sound changed the name to this. This Single was they’re only release with the name Mau-Mau, this happens because portugal allways had a bad music industry and they’re producer (Rotaçoes) difamed a little bit the band in some radio programs and did the production of the singles (even when it was Aqui D’el Rock) without warning the band (ruining all the accord plans). The band played in a RTP program (only television channel in portugal at the time) but i guess that was not so good to they’re reputation, so after so many troubles and changes the band ended up (i guess not much longer than 82, 83… There are some biografies of the band but they’re in portuguese.
Well the sound of this single is not much that i like, but it’s history and it’s a nice sound, it reminds me of a portuguese version of the clash (just a little bit), and it’s very rare to a portuguese punk band (to exist and) to record something in this years, so… this is new for you (even for people here it is. The first song is instrumental and the second is sang in english.
Hope you enjoy this, not that i like that much, i really enjoy when it was Aqui D’el Rock, but i guess this has a lot of personality, like most of the few portuguese bands.

Here’s a link to a portuguese biography here

band pic


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