Mau Mau – Xangai / Vietsoul 7” (Rotação, 1982, PT)

Mau-Mau was the first band of Punk rock in Portugal, after called Aqui D’el Rock (wich realeased 2 7” and was the only punk band releasing something in the 70’s) and then with a changed formation and sound changed the name to this. This Single was they’re only release with the name Mau-Mau, this happens because portugal allways had a bad music industry and they’re producer (Rotaçoes) difamed a little bit the band in some radio programs and did the production of the singles (even when it was Aqui D’el Rock) without warning the band (ruining all the accord plans). The band played in a RTP program (only television channel in portugal at the time) but i guess that was not so good to they’re reputation, so after so many troubles and changes the band ended up (i guess not much longer than 82, 83… There are some biografies of the band but they’re in portuguese.
Well the sound of this single is not much that i like, but it’s history and it’s a nice sound, it reminds me of a portuguese version of the clash (just a little bit), and it’s very rare to a portuguese punk band (to exist and) to record something in this years, so… this is new for you (even for people here it is. The first song is instrumental and the second is sang in english.
Hope you enjoy this, not that i like that much, i really enjoy when it was Aqui D’el Rock, but i guess this has a lot of personality, like most of the few portuguese bands.

Here’s a link to a portuguese biography here

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  1. i’ll upload more of portuguese punk since i was born and live here i’ve got a easier acess to p+ortuguese bands and history… so when i can ill p+ut the first p+unk band of portugal, and you will like very raw punk rock

  2. Hi guys, i’m from portugal and i wanna tell you to forget about mau mau (means bad bad), if you want REAL portuguese punk rock, search for Censurados or Mata Ratos, the two truely classic punk bands here!

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