There’s never been a shortage of great music to come outta Japan. From the late 70’s, right up to today, the concentration of absolutely essential records is mindblowing………. ZONE were no exception.

Formed in 1992, these guy paid homage to pioneering Japanese bands that came before them such as DEASTH SIDE and NIGHTMARE, playing absolutely bulldozing J-core. ZONES first apperance was on the “fight back” vol. 1 world h.c. compilation in 1993. Next up was the above, “win back to sanity” ep in 1994 followed by a few more comp apperances on the “six weeks omnibus” 8″, the “no fate ” vol.2 cd and the “trancendecy” 3×7″ between 1994 and 1996. The “first blow is half the battle 7″ was then released in 1997 and then it seemed the band fell off the face of the earth. Nothing was heard from them again until 2001 when they showed up on yet another comp called “one shot- one kill” In 2003 they finally released their long awaited first lp titled “squeezed state”.

These two 7″ , along with all the comp tracks, kill !!!! The lp ( which was also released in the u.s. in 2004) finds the band slowing down a bit and mining their UK 82 roots a little more, but is definately worth checking out. I’ve heard talk of there being a discography cd of all the 7″ and comp material released someday, but who knows???

zone win sleeve
ZONE-Win back to sanity e.p. (HGFact 025) 1994

Find out
Short hope
Win back to sanity

zone first sleeve
ZONE-The first blow is half the battle e.p. (HGFact 068) 1996

Title in Japanese
Under steam

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  1. Another great post…
    You might want to check out GRIFFIN,FZ (if you haven’t done so already of course).
    Their drummer, Hiroshi, used to play in Griffin,FZ before he moved on to Zone.
    They’ve got 1 release under their belt (tapes aside), called ‘Stain Pöllutiön rétäliätiön’ 7″ flexi, recorded 1989.2.20
    Sounds really good. I might upload this one upon request (it might’ve been done before on some other blog, I dunno…),
    cheers & beers

  2. Hey Michael Jacob………….

    Feel free to post “some other stuff” yourself. It’s easy, just register at the top left of this screen and upload away. Everyone who’s sick of obscure, hard to find stuff will be glad you did…….. or maybe you could just post all your favorite rad hardcore on YOUR website. Drop us a link so we can check it out!!!!!

  3. I just contributed Zyklon B – Independence & Anarchy EP but I don’t know if I did it right cuz I haven’t heard back from Stunt. I want to contribute more tunes but I want to hear from Stunt if I did it correctly. My objective is to bring back the original concept of this site, which is to post obscure 80’s punk/hc. I would also like to get the 12inch punk site going so I can post the Comes 12″ since many of you are wanting to hear it.

  4. Michael-

    Welcome aboard!! Most ingrates who bitch about this site never have the stones to contribute/do something about changing it. Not sure where your comment about “the original concept of posting obscure hc/punk” comes from though. Have you seen the archives of this site??? Go back and check out almost any post and you’ll see that most of it’s as obscure as it gets from countries near and far. Stunt and the people who contribute regularly work pretty hard to make sure that this site is top notch. Don’t forget about the various other music blogs mining the same territory which makes it that much harder to share stuff not already posted elsewhere………………

    Anyway, cheers to you and thanks for the contribution.

    btw: I find it funny that after all your bitchin’ about Japcore- the second thing you wanna post is the COMES 12″………………………

  5. That’s what I’m saying is that the original concept is mostly all archives because lately, you and others have been posting hc from the 90s and I don’t consider any of that obscure for another ten years or less. There’s still a bunch of out of print hc/punk to be posted and I have a lot of it in my collection that I’m now willing to share. The Comes first 12″ is a kick ass record and I am wanting to post some obscure Japcore but not get carried away with it. It probably sounds I’m being jaded but it won’t be jaded when I’m posting the tunes cuz this site is really based on the music than our own opinions!

  6. Michael-

    Don’t confuse my sarcasm with absolute contempt. I appreciate the hell outta ANYONE who wants to contribute and make this site better. What I fucking despise is, all the haters who shit talk and then run and hide when offered a chance to change it (contribute). My initial reaction to all YOUR snide little man comments were “fuckin nat buzzing around my face, where’s my swatter”. Just cuz you’ve uploaded one record, I’m not sure my opinion has changed…..please prove me wrong though as I’m willing to become your biggest fan if you stay true to your word…………

    As far as the content goes, shit,not many people young or old have an absolutely COMPLETE punk/hc record collection (except maybe maximum r-n-r)so the small handful of contributors (myself included) to this site probably missed alot of classic records. As I said earlier, there are also ALOT of other sites posting the same genre of records and that also plays into what I choose to post. I’ve had plenty of records ready to go live on this site, only to find out that one or more similar sites had posted the same record just days before.In those cases, I try to comment on those other sites if I have any info to add to their posts. Its kind of an unwritten rule w/music blogs not to post same shit as someone else unless it’s no longer available for d/l or it’s been a long while. Then there’s the new “breed” of blog heros that’ll post something you just posted with a higher bit-rate or more sleeve scans and talk smack about you just to prove how big their dicks are (but really, it just proves how small their brains are!!)

    As far as posting the 90’s stuff, the site is called “7inchpunk” not “7inchpunkonlyfromthe70’s/80’s” What- 12-17 years isn’t enough time to call some records CLASSICS???? Some of those records are just as obscure/unheard as the stuff for the 70’s and 80’s and kick-ass just as hard. Your comment about the Jap stuff does have some truth to it although a ton of people who visit the site and the forum request it. It’s just hard to resist posting it cuz SO MUCH of it absolutely destroys, but point taken.

    I’ve tried from early on to get the regular viewers of this site to PLEASE contribute obscure/unknown records from their city/village/burg/state/country or continent with only minor sucess.I’m pretty sure what stops everyone is they think it’s hard or you need high dollar technology. The truth is, almost every post I’ve made has been with an inexpensive stereo component cd burner and a 10 year old, $65.00 garage sale computer with 4 gigs of memory.
    Really, it’s not much more complicated than downloading tunes from the site and burning them onto a disc from your hard drive. It takes a bit of patience/practice and maybe some help (from stunt or myself) but it’s definitely not impossible.

    My point to you and everyone else who bitches about this site is: STEP UP OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!. You, my friend have decided on the former and for that I cautiously salute you…………
    Don’t let us down !!!!

    Also feel free to contact me through the site if you need any help.

  7. I just need to know if I successfully posted the Zyklon B EP. I just want to comment on what you stated about stuff being posted on other blogs. I feel that I got stuff that hasn’t been on them or at least the one’s I’ve been to, so I’m hoping I can add more to this site where others won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars on ebay to hear the tunes. I am now completely understood that this site is based on all eras of hc/punk. That’s cool with me but it seemed when this site was first launched it was posting 70s and 80s punk/hc.

  8. Michael-

    Didn’t see your Zyklon B post in the que, but that doesn’t mean its not there. Not sure how stunt told you to upload stuff (to a server or ftp site) so you’ll have to wait for a reply from him. Be patient though as I know he’s been extremly busy lately and also factor in the holiday this week to that………

  9. These guys rule. First saw tham at a burning spirits show in Shizuoka in 97. I became mates with the singer Shibata and he and his girlfriend had me over to their house and cooked me some sukiyaki and we got drunk. Good times!

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