Disorder – Distortion to Deafness

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Disorder – Distortion to Deafness (Disorder Records Order 2) 1981

Distortion to Deafness is the second release by this well known punk band. In this ep they started to add in their trade mark “AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHs” and added more drum rolls into the mix. You can definitely hear how much Disorder, particularly this release, influenced crasher crust bands like confuse.

More than Fights
Daily Life
You’ve got to be someone

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15 thoughts on “Disorder – Distortion to Deafness

  1. I wouldnt consider Confuse “crasher crust” that whole term took off with Gloom and the like. However, the influece Disorder and Chaos UK had on Japanese hardcore(“fuzzcore/noisecore”) is very obvious with the whole “braindrill” style bands had.

    daily life blahhhhhh

  2. “Daily Life”, classic of classics in this area of the punk “community”. Even drove some people to tattoo “DAILY LIFE SUCKS!” on their skulls. Amazing!

  3. never thought I’d hear this again-long live bent edge!!!!Fuck I wish I still had my old vinyl….don’t even remember what happened to it…guess I musta been fucked up?!

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