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you suck! wrote:
7inchpunk sucks now. you guys lag so hard on all the good stuff. i dont wanna
here some randome 70s punk band from some randome country. wheres all the old
american hc shit that you havent already posted. damn nigga.



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  1. I gotta say, I agree. I used to get pretty excited to hear obscure old punk rock from obscure countries… but after several months of it, I’ve come to the realization that most of it sucks. Ah well, if that’s what people want to contribute, that’s just how it goes…

  2. For fucks sake, is this what the punk community has degenerated itself to? People complaining about free mp3’s that are served to them on regular basis! Newsflash, you’re not the ones who decided what stuff gets uploaded here, the people who actually own punk 7-inches get to do that! So for all the leeching kids I’d like to quote bobok’s immortal words “Fuck Off.”

  3. Yep. If you don’t like it, FUCK OFF! Go somewhere else. There’s plenty of places for “old american hc shit”. Or better yet, get off your lazy arse and make a website of YOUR own liking.
    I personally, have found shitloads of stuff I would never be able to hear otherwise. And anyway, I refuse to pay silly money on something I may not like that much. This way, I have a choice not available otherwise. Even if you weren’t able to download, but only hear the songs, that would still be fucking top banana! People get something for free and STILL piss and moan, I despair, I really do. You’re boring and stupid.

  4. I just want to add that I am sorry for the lack of updates that this site has seen, but my family has gone through some hardtimes in the past two months. I hope you can all understand, and thanks for the support.

  5. I love gettin’ free shit, it’s my absolute favorite price. For fuck sake, if you don’t like it, get the fuck out you ungrateful piece of crap…. On the other side though to dispute just a tad… Old American Hardcore is still the best fuckin’ stuff in the true meaning of “Hardcore”. So… if ya don’t like it…shut the fuck up and keep it to yourself. Go voice your Anti-American Hardcore on the Oprah Winfrey Show Ya Bum!

  6. what the fuck’s your problem, man?
    yea you want “old american hc shit”.. well there’s a lot of variety in the world of punk rock and if you can’t appreciate that then go fuck off and die. I like all the different shit on here BECAUSE I haven’t heard of it..that’s what makes punk more interesting than just the same old fast shit that eventually gets tiring as fuck after listening to it constantly. Learn to appreciate variety instead of bashing one of the best (if not THE best) punk rock mp3 blogs on the net.
    Keep up the good work, stunt!

  7. Alright guys, is there no unity at all anymore in America. No wonder the American government does what ever it wants. You young american punks of today are to busy fighting on punk blogs about other people in other countries sharing free music with us. Lets keep in mind fellas that this site is probably viewed from all over the world and punk is punk no matter where you are from. If people from other places like to share what they have, that’s a good thing, why bitch about it. I myself don’t care for some of it, simply because I can’t understand the lyrics, but like others have said, if you don’t like it, either don’t download it or delete it off of your computer. Also, if we didn’t get the chance to listen to music from other countries, how would any of us in America, especially us older guys, have ever gotten the chance back in the day to listen to bands such as GBH, The Saints, Exploited, The Business, Discharge, SLF, Angelic Upstarts, Dirt, Doom …. just to name a few popular ones. Do you get the idea. Also, how many of you guys bitchin aren’t even over 20? Just grow up people, you do have a choice of what to listen to.

  8. awesome site, always great. thanks for keeping it alive! i fully agree with the suggestion to post what YOU like and enlighten us instead of being the armchair critic…

  9. You hit the nail on the head hdhart! Was funny… I was reading your post, and I’m listening to “The Saints” right at this moment! Damn.. Yeah, I’m 39 years old and came up through the thick of it… You definately have a greater understanding. I think this whole post has become more about one guy just bein’ an asshole and shakin’ shit up. Typical U.S.Media Hype. “If its printed it must be true, or…”Hey, there’s a debate, let’s stir some shit up”. Props to all who “Get It”.

  10. where do these dipshits come from?? this fukker sounds like the assholes who used to make fun of me like 20+ years ago who used to say “why dont you listen to any american music?!?” and claimed to be Punk & open minded…some things never change…people this stupid cant figure out how to upload something they like, so they just talk shit…freakin’ jagoffs…

  11. well…in my opinion whoever created this site had a great idea! What could be more punk than this? A website where punk lovers from all around the world can share stuff, most of it D.I.Y., preserving, in that way, what punk is all about. The cruder, the rawer, the better!! Do you know how long I looked for such a place?? Keep the spirit alive and not some type of major label slave so-called punk rock band!

  12. The more original and rawer the better, keep the ‘idea’ of punk alive, its not about a style, just check out the diveristy of records being posted, the original scene of 76,77 embraced heaps of different ways of playing and performing this blog is great way to explore some of the singles you couldnt afford or find at the time thanks heaps

  13. bitching about free mp3s…that’s fucking funny. some assholes can’t shut up. personally, i love hearing shit from other countries, especially older shit, because i know that if i didn’t have the chance to listen to it hear, i would probably never even know about it. knowing that there were kids in peru recording raw punk rock in 1986 is, to me, really fucking inspiring…makes punk feel like something more meaningful than a homogeneous soundtrack whatever for some suburban 16 year old driving to the mall.

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