ROSE ROSE – From Born Till Die…. 8″ Flexi (Line-records 002) 1985

Lets get out of random unknown obscurities. This is 1st Rose Rose record, one-sided flexi which sounds quite different from what they did after, their next record, the Emotional Disturbance 12″, was way more on the metal side than punk, then they went on a more USHC direction until going complitely thrash metal in the early 90’s (The band still exist nowadays). Needless to say this is my favorite records by them, this is the only one they did as a 4-piece, as female bassist Arisa was a guest on this record. I don’t know much about Line Records, i don’t think it was the band’s own label, they also released the Live flexi of PCG, and New Walls a female fronted punk band i never heard. I don’t know which is Line-001, anyone knows ?

Stop laugh
Breed for you
Over midnight
Put out emotion

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9 thoughts on “ROSE ROSE

  1. Just want to say thanks a lot for this post! I have been after this for years.

    Rose Rose were kind of fickle though, and hard to respect in the sense, jumping on the bandwagon of everything popular, from punk rock to skater thrash to thrash metal to hardcore to grunge etc. to the deathgrind metal that keeps them going today.

    Keeping with this though, great post!

  2. I’m on the wrong side of the world but will be home in under 2 months so perhaps I’ll just bite the bullet and pay to have some of this stuff ripped. Since it’s not punk you might not know about it but check out their 2 tracks on the “Skull Thrash Zone” comp LP/CD/tape from ’87, they’re both superb and show where the band began going metallic with their guitars.

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