Z – Violence Action 7″ Flexi (Z Records – 002) 1986(?)

Well you probably guessed it, here’s another noizy plastic sheet, coming from Toyama exactly (center of Japan).
Not a lot is known about Z, apart from that flexi they had one tape and a few tracks on some comp.
Noisely it sounds like it was recorded above the stairs of some basement, so not very good quality.
Songs seems to deal with the usual subjects of the genre, death, war, etc… all this insanity is on a one-sided red flexi by the way.
I’m not sure about the year of release, but 86 seems to be the most mentioned amongst japanese webpages.

Violence Action
Go To Kill
Go Ahead
Peace Of Hiroshima

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The Klan

The Klan – Pushin Too Hard/Cover Girls 7″ (PBS 5) 1980

“Cover Girls has got the be one of the stupidest, lowest most senseless anti-feminist diatribes yet set to music.. c’mon’ guys! Just ’cause you can’t get laid is no reason to take it out on all of us.” says Miss Nomer on the back cover of this 7″ by LA Punk band, The Klan.

Unfortunately I have very little information about this group other than that this 7″ is the fifth to be released on Posh Boy records, and that they play their Punk-Rock raw, melodic and offensive. If anyone has any input, please email me.

Pushin’ Too Hard
Cover Girls

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