Z – Violence Action 7″ Flexi (Z Records – 002) 1986(?)

Well you probably guessed it, here’s another noizy plastic sheet, coming from Toyama exactly (center of Japan).
Not a lot is known about Z, apart from that flexi they had one tape and a few tracks on some comp.
Noisely it sounds like it was recorded above the stairs of some basement, so not very good quality.
Songs seems to deal with the usual subjects of the genre, death, war, etc… all this insanity is on a one-sided red flexi by the way.
I’m not sure about the year of release, but 86 seems to be the most mentioned amongst japanese webpages.

Violence Action
Go To Kill
Go Ahead
Peace Of Hiroshima

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22 thoughts on “Z

  1. I am always curious about some Asian punk… but somehow the quality is not that good.

    i am sure the origin is not my computer but maybe your LP ripper…
    even if an LP is in a bad quality it doesn’t sound that bad.

    but thx for posting more of that stuff!


  2. believe me, THATS HOW THE RECORD ACTUALLY SOUNDS!!! my vote for worst sound quality on a record,EVER. the only other song ive heard is the track “Violence Action” on the obscure “I’ll Gather Up ~ Musical Friend Omnibus” 8″ep from 1989, and that song sounds like a lost Kyojinbyo gem, IN ACE QUALITY!!!

  3. oh yeah, almost forgot. they also have a split 7″ with Valse Triste (Finland) from like 1992~3 released by MCR Co, but forget it. its real forgettable mid-tempo punk played poorly, and pretty much sucks beyond belief. thats pretty much why i forgot about it, i guess…
    around the same time that Z was active, there was another Punk Rock band in Japan called THE ZETT. confusing for quite a few people, as the letter “z” is phonetically pronounced “zett” in the Japanese language, and THE ZETT released at least 3 or 4 LP’s & were constantly touring throughout Japan.

  4. Their split with Valse Triste is all over eBay at the moment. Pretty cheap too. The Z stuff is not nearly as good as this flexi but VT are a great long-lasting band.

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…I wish I knew how to post records on here, as this site seems to be dying out. It is a shame, because there are so many great records out there that need to be heard. I do hope someone will put something new on here soon

  6. Ok…Sorry about all the delays but I will kick start this site as soon as a get a free moment. If you must know the reason for the lack of content here ya go…Me and my wife where having some financial difficulties due the fact that we had to pay over 15 grand in medical bills from trying to have a baby. So you can see I have been under a great amount of stress these past few months. This site will never die, I wont let it. Please please bare with me, I am trying to come back around…sometimes real life can bite pretty hard.

  7. Well, I really to wish this had a better recording, under everything it sounds like it really could be a decent record.
    Also it’s too bad the 7″ has a bad recording too.

    However, I’m interested in the band, and I like the artwork.

    And Stunt I hope everything with your bills and your family goes well. You have a great site here, glad to hear your not willing to give up on it.

  8. hi,
    thanx alot for letting me sharing these great tunes with you.
    of course i have same old GASTUNK vinyl but i am not so much familiar with the new technology so i have loaded those cool GASTUNK fles here on my USB stick.
    since 85 iam listing to them and i always discover them new.
    i am not so familiar with their really latest stuff.my GASTUNK collection ends at their 2nd LP.it#s really quite expensive to order their stuff from japan.
    how was that reunion gig ???
    up the punx

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