Violent Children

Violent Children – s/t 7” (United Nutmeg Records No. 1 / 1993 ReIssue)

500 made of the original. + lyric sheet. Feat. Ray Cappo (later in Youth of Today/Shelter) on drums. Rereleased on Die Jerry Die comp. LP. The 1993 reissue is legal or at least semi-legal I think, has a different (nice!) info insert with lots of pictures .Originally released in 1983. It seems slightly generic to me and more like oh, Adrenalin O.D. or something than Youth Of Today (which is fine with me, I liked them both). I think I’ve read that the “Youth Of Today” theme song was originally by Violent Children but maybe I’m thinking of something else(?)

Split Scene
New Pride
Culture Sucks
Peer Pressure
The Smell
Live Free Or Die
Warren The Thief

Violent Children – Rock Against Spindlers (United Nutmeg Records No. 2 / 1993 ReIssue)

Originally released in 1984 after the 7” tracks as a demo / cassette. Has an nice info insert. Feauturing Ray “of today” Cappo and Porcell who later formed Youth Of Today.

Skate Straight
Poison Breath
Violent Children
Rad Con
United Nutmeg
Hardcore Pride

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8 thoughts on “Violent Children

  1. Well overall I must agree is sounds like pretty generic hardcore, but overall there’s nothing particularly wrong with that at all.

    I enjoy the cover work on Rock Against Spindlers quite a bit. Also off that release I really enjoy Poison Breath.

    Thank-you for the post absolom.

  2. Generic but still listenable hardcore that for its time I’m sure had a point. isn’t Ray Cappo God now or something?

    Hey meandaddy60 good to see you’re outta retirement. Great to see you again.

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