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ECONOCHRIST / DETONATORS – Split 7″ (Insurrection Records) 1991

Econochrist, the East bay -San Francisco squat legends, were actually formed in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1986-ish from the ashes of the band CRIMINAL INTENT. They quickly became the key players in the burgeoning Little Rock scene that centered around a show space called the Annex, supporting many touring bands that came through town. In 1988, the band and their friends decided to head west for punker pastures and landed in San Francisco. They settled into a strong, mucsically diverse Oakland scene and continued releasing records and touring. After releasing several 7″s and a couple classic lps (“Ruination” lp and the “Trained to serve” lp) they called it quits around 1993. My old band played w/these guys and another unknown, but great southern band from Tennesee called SOBERING CONSEQUENCES on new years eve 1992. I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning hanging out and laughing hysterically with these guys. There is a complete 2x CD discography of their releases on EBULLITION records. By the way, “uncontrolable urge” is a DEVO song if you didn’t know know.

The Detonators were originally formed in Southern California around 1979-80.
They released a coulpe of really underappreciated LPs, “Emergency broadcast system” in 1983 and “Just another reason” in 1985. After relentless touring in the U.S. and Europe,they decided to move to Eugene, Oregon. They kept releasing records and touring right up until the mid 90’s. I’m not sure what their later records sound like, but all their early stuff is pretty great. They always reminded me of a west coast TOXIC REASONS or a more hardcore WIPERS.

Econochrist – Petty Ways
Econochrist – Uncontrolable Urge

Detonators – Day to Day
Detonators – Crime and Punishment/Angry Young Man

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