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FRANTIX – My Dad’s A Fuckin ‘ Alcoholic (Local Anesthetic ’83)

A very popular Denver band, The Frantix released a pair of classic singles. This is their second outing on the great Local Anesthetic Records. Chunky guitar with plenty of distortion and a raw garage aesthetic made this a Rocky Mountain hardcore classic.

My Dads A Fuckin Alcoholic
Youre Ill
My Dads Dead

Posted by: meandaddy60

5 Responses to “FRANTIX”

  1. stunt Says:

    Hey meandaddy welcome back and thanks for the great post, never even knew this single existed. I must of had my head up my ass that year.

  2. Degenerateen Says:

    Fuck yeah! 6 new records since my last visit! There was a big article on them in MAXIMUM RNR March 2005 #262 issue.

  3. hdscrappy Says:

    That was friggen awesome! I’m going to get a job, just so I can get some of their stuff… Then I’ll quit I think…

  4. rob Says:

    love this song. heard it years ago on whrb (late night harvard radio) and have never been able to find it.

  5. prosopopoeia Says:

    Does any one know where I can get an original copy this frantix 7 inch record and how much it would cost?

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