Impact Unit

Impact Unit – my friend, the pit 7” (Crucial Response Records) 1989

This band is from the same scene than SSD and DYS. Rough High-Speed HC. Like most other bands from Boston and New England in the early eighties they got a fast and impetuous sound. The Songs are from their demo and are the only ones the band has ever recoded. Recorded at the legendary Radiobeat Studio by Lou Giordano. What might be most interesting is that singer Dickie Barret went on to form the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Night Stalker
My Friends and The Pit
Id Eat Your Shit
Dead Meat
Regular Boys Haircut

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Uniform Choice

Uniform Choice – Original Demo July 19, 1984 Do 7″ (Nemesis Records)

Uniform Choice was one of the first post-Minor Threat bands to begin calling themselves “straight-edge,” and they played a role in bringing that scene together in Orange County. Their sound draws fairly heavily from D.C. hardcore, but it’s a little catchier. This record was released as a double 7” with a folded cover and includes early demo recordings of the Band. Compared to their newer releases they had a rougher sound on these tracks. Anyway, this record should have its place in every good collection…enjoy!!!

Dont Quit
Something To Say
Straight and Alert
Uniform Choice

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Reflex From Pain

Reflex from Pain – Black and White 7″ (Blitzcore. 01675 / 10 tracks) 1991

Well here we are with another gem of a jam dredged from the murky past of the Connecticut „New Wave“ (as they called it then; either that or “punk rock“) scene. Reflex From Pain can be viewed as the missing link between VIOLENT CHILDREN, 76% UNCEERTAIN, YOUTH OF TODAY and SHELTER. REFLEX existed concurrently with VIOLENT CHILDREN. Ray drummed for V.C. and tried out singing for the first time in REFLEX (“Peer Pressure” is, in fact, a V.C. song). The instrumental part from REFLEX came from a variety of lesser known bands and shortly after REFLEX formed the nucleus of 76 (“Knife In My Back”, “You’re The Hate” and “Someone’s Waiting” all made the translation from PAIN to UNCERTAIN). When Ray decided to record the first SHELTER 12”, it was this line up of REFLEX that became SHELTER (with the addition of Tom Capone). Not only that, out Jeff R. remained to produce! So there you have it, the historical context of these recordings.

Dave & Bill joined 76% Uncertain and the first line-up of Shelter. 500 made of the original + lyric sheet. Originally released on Death Threat Records in 1983 with 6 tracks. Re-released on Die Jerry Die comp.-LP. German re-release (the one I own) has slightly different sleeve, songs have been remixed (don’t sound too different, though). 4 extra tracks, no lyric sheet. Limited edition of the reissue on white vinyl.

Media Control
Holy Pictures
Generic Life
The Scream
Urban Decay
American Express

Reflex from Pain – Checkered Future 7″ flexi (tpos productions. 030 / 10 tracks) aug 2 1990

1000 made. 110 made of a spezial imited „first day of issue“-FLEX version for the readers of FLEX fanzine with a special numbered and stamped sticker.Unreleased ‚83 demo feat. Ray Cappo on vocals. With Members of 76% Uncertain and Violent Children. Great 1983 Connecticut hardcore, fast & powerful but not as simple and brutal as the NY sound.

You’re the Hate
Bury My Pride
Blind Faith
Bullshit Straight Edge
Knife In My Back
Roller Rink Stud
Peer Pressure
Someone’s Waiting
The Scream

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Dissent – Boy Eats Own Head (Amity Records) 1988

South Dakota isn’t a state well represented in my music collection, and I can’t imagine in too many others really. Dissent were from there, a hardcore band that existed in the late 1980’s and one who put out the excellent “Boy Eats Own Head!” EP in 1988. This record reminds me of some of the Lookout Records releases from that time period, melodic hardcore with similar production.

Abe Lincoln
Shut My Eyes
You Choose
Push-Button Society

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