Dissent – Boy Eats Own Head (Amity Records) 1988

South Dakota isn’t a state well represented in my music collection, and I can’t imagine in too many others really. Dissent were from there, a hardcore band that existed in the late 1980’s and one who put out the excellent “Boy Eats Own Head!” EP in 1988. This record reminds me of some of the Lookout Records releases from that time period, melodic hardcore with similar production.

Abe Lincoln
Shut My Eyes
You Choose
Push-Button Society

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  1. This 7′ really brings me back to late 80’s. Genuine US stuff from that age. If I’m not mistaken “Society” also appeared in a compilation…..
    Nice post:) Thanks to Scott!!!

  2. Excellent post Scott….there were literally dozens of bands in “out of the way” towns that got little recognition. This is a great representation of what was going on in the backwoods. They played a show in Colorado Springs and shared some bills with EXPATRIATE.

  3. some other gems to check out from S.D. (rapid city scene)…
    – State of the Union (demonic crust with tons of samples)
    – Resin (ridiculous powerviolence that did a split with Still Life, called “mutilating emo wussies since the dawn of rock and roll”)
    – Social Joke
    – Reddmen (kind of Young Pioneers-ish, but more poppy, and if i have it right, yes, they’re sioux)

  4. Saw Dissent play with a couple Ft Collins bands one summer and the drummer kicked the shit out of some asshole that was punching little girls in the tits, By the way he was in his underwear, I so appreciate this posting to get some of these tunes back in my ears and maybe to some new ears that desperatly need to hear it too

  5. I am currently in a band with 2 former members of this band. The original guitarist/singer and the singer that replaced him that is on this 7″. Both still live in Rapid City, SD.

  6. I still have all my vinyl from Dissent and Dead Silence. I remember seeing Dissent play like it was yesterday. They helped mold a lot of my beliefs that I still hold to this day. Great band, great dudes. Nuff said.

  7. saw dissent and dead silence several times together back in ft. collins. still have the LPs. amazing memories. especially the benefit show in Ft Co back in 87. i have a ton of dissent flyers.

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