Uniform Choice

Uniform Choice – Original Demo July 19, 1984 Do 7″ (Nemesis Records)

Uniform Choice was one of the first post-Minor Threat bands to begin calling themselves “straight-edge,” and they played a role in bringing that scene together in Orange County. Their sound draws fairly heavily from D.C. hardcore, but it’s a little catchier. This record was released as a double 7” with a folded cover and includes early demo recordings of the Band. Compared to their newer releases they had a rougher sound on these tracks. Anyway, this record should have its place in every good collection…enjoy!!!

Dont Quit
Something To Say
Straight and Alert
Uniform Choice

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  1. I posted this a couple of months ago. I don’t like this demo near as much as the stuff they did later. They’re too sloppy on this recording, they just don’t have their shit together like on the LP.

  2. Really great post of a single I haven’t had the chance to hear before. I can fully understand why this post really didn’t get a great reaction. I am a UC fan but these demos blow compared to the full studio release.

    Ian great to see you got blog up and running, all the best in ’08 with your blogging.

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