Impact - Punk Christmas EP

Impact – Punk Christmas (Cyanide Records) 1983

‘Tis the season, bitches! If the Punk Christmas EP by Impact doesn’t get you in the christmas spirit, then your soul is dead, my friend. Actually, the song Punk Christmas itself is really the only song on this EP that is themed around christmas, while the other 2 tracks take a more serious approach. Regardless, I like all 3 of these songs on this album, but I especially love Punk Christmas and Law Of The Land.

Not to be confused with the band from Italy by the same name, Impact were from Wales, UK. I don’t know much about them at all, but I don’t think there is too much to know anyway. I believe this is the only record they’ve released, but they also had another song on the compilation A Country Fit For Heroes vol. 2 the same year. Any fans of The Ejected, Last Rites, ABH, Intensive Care, Dead Wretched, Blitz, as well as any other Oi! and street punk fans will surely appreciate this record. But still, even if you hate those bands mentioned you gotta give this EP a listen.

Punk Christmas
Law Of The Land
Your Decisions

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