False Confession

Front cover

False Confession – EP (Mystic Records, 1984)

Patented “Mystic” production doesn’t distract from some powerful So-Cal thrash-core with an abundance of metallic six string fretplay.

Left To Burn
Our Savior
Just As I Am

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9 thoughts on “False Confession

  1. FC’s ’83 Demo is much better than this EP and it’s shame none of those were released on vinyl except one was on We Got Power Comp.
    I saw this band play a lot back in ’83-84 and I would see the singer at the Olympic Auditorium a lot wearing a spiked leather jacket and creepers. He was usually passing out flyers for his band’s upcoming gigs.

  2. Great Band! Love the nardcore! Hey I also like the Dissent post. That’s funny because I was gonna post that too on my new blog. ihaveabraininmyass.blogspot.com Check it out, leave a comment, post a link. I Suppose I’ll post Dissent’s Epitome of Democracy LP now. Unless you got that one too!

  3. More Mystic! More Mystic! More Mystic! More Mystic! More Mystic! More Mystic! More Mystic! Before Doug Moody comes after you. Great post. Fuck American Hardcore someone please make the American Nardcore doc.
    Thanx again.

  4. Blast from the past on this one. One of my favorites from mystic. Ill Repute was my personal favorite to come off of that label, especially the Land of No Toilets 7″. Thanx for the post.

  5. what nobody knows this fact ?
    One prominent member of False Confession
    , Scott Morris, went on to form Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    even despite the low price I could only listen to the outstanding bands on Mystic due to the horrible production quality. funny enough, a few years ago I met the sound engineer on what he claimed was most of the releases and he agreed it was crap.

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