Impact Unit

Impact Unit – my friend, the pit 7” (Crucial Response Records) 1989

This band is from the same scene than SSD and DYS. Rough High-Speed HC. Like most other bands from Boston and New England in the early eighties they got a fast and impetuous sound. The Songs are from their demo and are the only ones the band has ever recoded. Recorded at the legendary Radiobeat Studio by Lou Giordano. What might be most interesting is that singer Dickie Barret went on to form the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Night Stalker
My Friends and The Pit
Id Eat Your Shit
Dead Meat
Regular Boys Haircut

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  1. Look at the year when this was bootleged, ’89. If C.R records never released this, all of those 1st wave powerviolence ensembles then and the fake ass ones today would never acknowledge this band, this website should charge people for listening to this…History—Listen to those brutal vox on the last ‘complain’ of the song Complain, way ahead.

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