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Youth Korps – ’82 7” (Crucial Response Records ccr12)

Ultra fast Boston hardcore, it’s only simple guitar noise, but I like it… Fast, raging, furious hardcore from CT; unreleased material from their demo. I can’t believe it’s from ’82.Reminds me of Citizens Arrest a lot. Recorded sep 18 1982 at Radiobeat, Boston. Produced by Lou Giordano.

Get A Gun
Sick of Pain
Hang on Belushi
Dont Throw Rocks
J.B. Theme
No Nothing
Break Loose
Cop Song
Need a Fix

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  1. I usually don’t leave comments on this site, but I’m really happy that this was uploaded. This has to be one of the better EPs uploaded within the last few months. I’m happy to see that the tracks are separated, too (the original rip I had was just one side to an mp3 each). I hope more people finally here this record.

  2. for years this was my favorite band, before i learned that slow could be intense too, but this still winds me up today. skullfucks with machine-gun tension & anger, even the slow BLACK FLAG parts still blister with negativity. this is every bit as classic as the NEGATIVE APPROACH ep, but tragically underrated & forgotten.

  3. lyrics to Hang On Belushi:
    “don’t feel sorry for John Belushi/he thought he was the new Il Duce/too much drugs & too much booze/fuck yeah man he was born to lose/(ch) here’s yer lesson learn it well/fuck with drugs you’ll go to hell*/fame filled up his head/couldn’t handle it now he’s dead/he was just a hardcore groupie/but he really liked ‘Hang On Sloopy’/(ch)*/death it happens to all the best/they get buried like all the rest/so even if you liked his joke/stay away from his coke”… how come bands don’t make fun of celebrities anymore? where the songs about Lindsay Lohan or Mark Foley?

  4. yeah totally agree with booblikon this band totally ripped it up,ultra fast for the time,totally tight.i guess they weren’t from boston so didnt get the praise they deserve! a massive influence on my band ripcord

    1. I was the drummer in Youth Korps on that demo. I was only in the band for a short time and had no idea until today that this demo was ever heard by anyone but the band and a few freinds. Where am I now? A regular working stiff like everyone else!

      1. what a claim to fame.awesome drumming for sure.did you guys play out much?
        have you got a decent quality copy of the entire demo as i’ve got songs on cassette that weren’t on the record and vice versa

  5. so here’s abit of a background story about this release – i had this birth defect tape comp. around for ages and while relisten to it i kinda rediscovered the brilliance of the youth korps tracks…called up peter/crucial response and played the songs to him, then wrote a letter to the P.O.Box mentioned which we thought wasnt intact anyways anymore (but one could try…) so after a few weeks we got a phone call from ed (guitarist) and another few weeks later the mastertapes :-) it took me like 2 days to do the cover and yes im still somewhat proud of that…the inlay stuff (lyrics and the picture of the guy jumping around on the copcar) was delivered by ed…
    SIDENOTE: yes ive heard that the band recorded some more songs but was never able to get ahold of them…anyone has these??? please contact me @

  6. my personal copy of the tape we made is the same as the record. i can’t believe the interest in this music from so long ago. I was not the original drummer, but i was on the tape and played out a couple times with the band. our set was pretty much played as the demo, rapid fire, no breaks, times.

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