olho seco 2

OLHO SECO – S/T ep (Pogar 07) 1984

Second ep from Brazils OLHO SECO and it’s just as good as “botas fuzis e capacetes”. Released on the German label POGAR, three of the five tracks were live. I don’t have alot of information about this release. For more on these guys try here and here. For copies of the BCTapes “tropical viruses” cassette comp from 1984 featuring OLHO SECO, go here

Isto e Olho Seco
lutar Matar
Vida Violenta

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  1. jerkbrainface Says:

    That first comment is pretty funny. Anyways this record is pretty gnarly what more is there to say really? I heard theyve played some reunion shows some of which are on youtube.com and i think the singer Fabio runs a record shop somewhere in Sao Paulo.

  2. stunt Says:

    the first spam comment was so cleverly written i thought it should stay.

  3. surlyoldpunk Says:

    WOW, that was spam????? I actually thought KITTIE sounded like bad assed Brazilian hardcore.

    Seriously, if you dig the sick, heavy swing of OLHO SECO you should check out my new band


    We have a free 3000 songs demo to d/l at:
    IfuckedYerMotherInTheEye.net not to mention were f’in hot…..you should totally check it.

    PS: Hi Todd…hope your well!!!!

  4. adamoi1984 Says:

    This record is amazing. Before the horrible computer crash of 07′ I was able to download a CD of Oltho Seco stuff from 1995. It was all re-recordings of the old stuff and a few new songs. It was killer.

  5. stunt Says:

    haha…sop out of retirement. I was afraid to write, didnt want to hear you where dead.

  6. barbecue Says:

    Excellent!!!! more Brazilian PUNK!!!!!
    Ratos de Porao
    Infect (vovals female)
    Fogo Cruzado

  7. Colin Says:

    One of my favourite bands ever. Olho Seco was the first band here (i am brazillian) to took the Discharge edge on your sound and called yourselves hardcore. The band received a lot of critics, cause at beginning the braziilian punk scene was a lot conservative, but after this, people started to love and appreciate this great band…who sounds exactly like Kittie.

  8. ToddNorin Says:

    This band rules. Ohlo Seco are one of the greats from Brazil, there are many!. Thanks for postin it!!!

  9. Yoren Says:

    Fabio (vocal) punk de alma.

  10. Yoren Says:

    muito foda.

  11. Jacob Says:

    “castidade” makes me wanna lose my shit so hard, those VOCALS man! WOW

  12. Vitor Says:

    Very good

    put more Brazilian Punks

    Ratos de Porão

    sorry for my english

    i am brazilian.

  13. Harold Shand Says:

    I bought this 7″ in 1984.
    Yes, it was on a German label and I seem to remember it was exclusively distributed by a mailorder based in Berlin and called SASQUATCH.
    Well, exclusively… I don’t really know but I rememeber them advertising it and I mailordered it from them.
    I preferred the BOTAS, FUZIS, CAPACETES 7″, but this one was good as well. Castidade is still a great song.

    Oh by the way, saw them later, many years later (in the late 90s) and they packed a punch.

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