Cash Pussies


Cash Pussies – 99% is Shit (The Label) 1979

There appeared to be no shortage of people to hitch a ride on the Sex Pistols gravy train and in particular Sid and his death and the Cash Pussies single was no exception. However it’s not the worst by a long chalk. Unsurprisingly with Dave Goodman as producer it seems to sound remarkably like a the Sex Pistols riff and production on 99% Is Shit. Not bad female vocals from Diana Rich and a little parodying of Belsen Was A Gas in the line ‘London Town where the Jews all pray.’ The B side is weaker with a more kind of folk style vocal.-punk77

99 Is Shit
Cash Flow

10 Responses to “Cash Pussies”

  1. Ian Credible Says:

    Singer sounds like Joy De Vivre. I’m for it.

  2. booblikon Says:

    this group was assembled by Fred and Judy Vermorel, The Sex Pistols’ first biographers. originally intended for a film project in 1979 entitled ‘Millions Like Us’, with a soundtrack to be produced by the group Throbbing Gristle, neither of which ever materialized. long-thought to have been a project just for this purpose, but they actually played a few shows and only disbanded when the film was aborted the same year. members included Alternative TV’s Alex Fergusson and The Pistols’ original soundman/producer Dave Goodman. see the excellent book “45 Revolutions vol. 1″ for more info.

  3. d. Says:

    This is an excellent site. Thanks for keeping the spirit of DIY alive.

  4. sid bators Says:

    thanks for the clarification, boob. I knew there was some Psychic TV connection to this one.

  5. theonlytruepunk Says:

    I love this record…

  6. theonlytruepunk Says:

    I take it this site is done??? I hope not.

  7. stunt Says:

    ummm…not really, we just had a baby a few months back and i have been up to my eyeballs with fatherly duties. This site will gain momentum in the very near future. Sorry for the lack of substance here, but I hope you all understand.

  8. Christian Says:

    When I was about 19, the guitar player in my band convinced me to buy this; I got it for about $5, it blew me away, and I’ve spent the following six years trying to convince everyone I knew to buy it. Easily one of my favorite records, ever. And you’re high if you think the A-side is better; “Cash Flow” is borderline perfect.

  9. headcaver Says:

    The guitar sound is friggin awesome on A-side.. Best pistols-like guitar sound other than Jonesy..

  10. di Says:

    couldn’t agree more – really awesome recording it. Shame film never happened

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