Five-O – fall through 7” (File Thirteen Records FT11) 1993

“I remember my head-spinning with pride when every “top ten” list in the first issue of Heartattack was singing the praise of Five-o’s debut record. The Little Rock underdogs had rightfully gained attention for one of the most compelling 7″‘s ever recorded. Five-o’s take on music combined the darker pop-side of Jawbreaker with the abrasiveness and energy of Fuel. The b-side remains one of the most impressive songs in the File 13 catalog.”

This comment is from the File 13 webside. The 7” is out of print.


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11 thoughts on “Five-O

  1. Congrats on the new addition to the family. I have never heard of them before…this is not bad. Somewhat reminds me of Rites of Spring…hope that doesn’t offend.

  2. It’s good to see Little Rock get some recognition on here…5-0 was great live I still the demos of that stuff which I will have to copy to my computer and put up here eventually.

  3. It seems lot of the early file thirteen stuff is out of print. Which shouldn’t be…I’m stoked to see this on here. It’s good that Little Rock gets a little bit of recognition. 5-0 was great live.

  4. i found a copy of this at the FLYWHEEL RECORD FAIR in EASTHAMPTON, MA. it was kinda a dream come true, once i heard five o here i fell in love. another weird connection to this record came up when i saw the BODY play, it turns out lee, the drummer, helped put out a record by five o long ago. amazing record, this is.

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