Charles Bronson – SELF TITLED (DIET ROOTBEER) (Six Weeks Records) 1995

“You know who Charles Bronson is. This is their first seven inch. Classical 90’s punk. I love this record more than most things.”


Diet Rootbeer
Ebro’s Mosh Song
Sick of OJ
Bible Thumpers Go To Hell

Security Blanket
Why do you bother?
I can’t be friends with you because you like Epitaph
Easy E’s Fucking Dead
Second Hand Choke
Theme Song

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i like fast music.


20 thoughts on “CHARLES BRONSON

  1. Wow, this is still one of their best. The 10″ hauled ass maybe slightly more, but yup still ace.

    The lead singer Mark McCoy wrote reviews for Heart Attack fanzine, which was by and for the types who took themselves too seriously. His reviews, mainly negative ones, were funny as shit!

  2. the first pressing of this had an error on the back cover. it was missing the song title “silenced”, which is how this record became known as the “Diet Root Beer” 7″, because it was suspected as the first song.

    i still remember when i got this in the mail from Vacuum mailorder. i listened to it so many times the first day i probably wore a hole through it practically.

  3. i got this when it came out and thought it was merely ok. i loved the lyrics and music but thought marks vocals were too whiny/snotty. it made me skip over their later releases for a while. until i heard their side of the split with spazz. that and the split with unanswered are some of my favorite CB material.

  4. Never considered this power violence but this still shreds. And the members of this band are still doing some awesome stuff, Punch In The Face, Herds, Das Oath etc.

  5. This band wasn’t powerviolence at all. My fave Bronson stuff is split with Quill and 12″!
    By the way, do someone know where I can get the Vile “solutions” lp?

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